Why I Drink Green Tea & Cranberry Juice

The best way to care for your body is from the inside out by consuming the right things, food and drink that are nutritious in addition to providing benefits is one of the best ways to care for your body. 
The two beverages that I am featuring today have so many benefits, it's crazy! I have integrated these beverages into my life for the past few weeks now, and when I started seeing the changes in my skin, my nails, my mood, I was so excited to share this information with my readers. 
The beverages that I am featuring are green tea and cranberry juice. 

I can drink green tea hot or cold, I never sweeten it, and I drink it every day. I make a big pitcher of green tea at the beginning of the week and I drink iced green tea every morning from my big Starbucks cup. I drink a generic brand of green tea everyday, you get a huge box for cheap and it provides the same benefits that fancy green tea would. I have always known that green tea does wonders for your skin and nails, but the benefits of green tea go deeper than the epidermal layer of the skin. 
I have a stock of green tea in a cupboard, different kinds I have collected from around (I have a big box of Tetley and Lipton green tea in my stock, waiting to finish the box I am working on from HyTop). 
This box of Tetley is so cute and the tea bags are wonderful! I love unusually shaped tea bags from the "standard" tea bag. 
From Style Craze, the benefits of green tea. 
Green tea comes from the camellia sinensis tree, and has a lower caffeine content than coffee, obviously the Tetley box is full of decaffeinated tea, but the HyTop green tea I am currently drinking does have some caffeine in it, a nice pep up in the morning. 
We offer China our thanks for green tea, as where green tea was originated. But as Style Craze states, it is now popular all over the world! Indeed, I have even had a matcha (a form of green tea) bubble or boba tea, and it was wonderful! Although, a Japanese bubble tea with matcha flavoring isn't too far off from China. Nonetheless, green tea has become a popular beverage around the world. 
It is chalked full of antioxidants and it said to prevent the growth of cancer cells. I am always fascinated in what natural supplements actually do aid in preventing the growth of cancer cells, which ones actually work? Since I am interested in the medical field, I should conduct a study of which natural supplements actually work. 
~I remember when I was younger and my parents purchased this type of tea and it was to help aid in weight loss, well it wasn't just plain green tea, it was a special kind of tea that was meant to help with weight loss. But, regular green tea can help with weight loss! 
~Since antioxidants are so prevalent in green tea, I should tell you what the antioxidants actually do for you.
Antioxidants are substances that help protect our cells from damage, and they aid in hair care, acne treatments, anti-aging, weight loss. Antioxidants are amazing substances that aid our bodies through so many ailments. 
~Green tea can help freshen breath.
~Green tea reduces cholesterol. My dad's family has had high cholesterol throughout the generations, it is due to genetics. For years, my parents have been trying different medications, different foods to help lower my dad's cholesterol, and it comes back high every time he gets his cholesterol checked. Maybe my dad should start drinking green tea.
~Green tea aids in healthy skin, like I said before. My skin has been glowing, and also every since I have been drinking my green tea everyday, I have noticed less and less little bugging blemishes show up. Thank you green tea!
~Drink green tea for healthy hair, managing blood pressure, and diabetes. 
~Green tea is popular among pregnant women. Since I would like to be a midwife, this is very interesting to me. Since gestational hypertension and gestational diabetes sometimes occur in the later months of pregnancy, drinking green tea can help lower the risks of gestational hypertension and gestational diabetes. Green tea also aids in boosting the immune system. Be aware that green tea can contain caffeine, so if pregnant, purchase decaffeinated.
~Green tea can help prevent arthritis and skin cancer. Last summer, I made a green tea spray. All it was was green tea and water, I would spray it on my skin while I was in the sun and when I was in the sun a little too much, and I burned very badly, I used green tea to soothe my burns. 
~Green tea is said to reduce stress and depression. Maybe that is why I have been so euphoric lately. That, and I don't have any school this week! Yippee!
~As I said above, green tea boots immunity. 
~Green tea can prevent osteoporosis, and it helps in making your nails stronger and shinier. I have had beautiful nails lately.
So, make the switch from coffee or soda to green tea to jump start your day. Yes, some people drink soda in the morning... it is appalling. 

The next beverage I am featuring is cranberry juice. Cranberry juice has always been one of my favorite beverages, but when I found out about the benefits it provides, I became more excited about cranberry juice. 
The list of benefits for cranberry juice is shorter than the list for green tea, but the benefits are wonderful!
~A few years ago, I obtained a urinary tract infection, on New Years Eve mind you. It wasn't so horrible, but it was not ideal. Nothing that "infection" is used in is ideal. So, all night I drank cranberry juice. 
One of the benefits of cranberry juice is that is helps heal urinary tract infections. 
~Cranberry juice has anti-inflammatory benefits, and helps boost immune system. The green tea and the cranberry juice can work together!
~Cranberry juice aids in the cardiovascular system, and is high in vitamin C and fiber.  
~Helps aid in killing various types of bacteria. 
~Cranberry juice can prevent neurological disease and has anti-aging benefits.
~Drink cranberry juice for healthy gums.  
The list is small, but just as important.  

These two beverages are both chalked full of antioxidants, and the reason I chose to feature these two drinks together is because they share some of the same benefits, and can work together to help detox your body, and keep it healthy. 
I do hope you consider substituting your coffee or soda for green tea and cranberry juice.