Over-Break Beauty Finds

I don't consider myself much of a beauty blogger, but I think I will add that to the list of everything I put on my blog, "beauty blogger" to one of the many categories. I've never really been into makeup. Of course I wear it, but I never thought much about it. I would go over to my friends' houses and see their huge makeup cases, drawers and drawers of accumulated makeup and I would think of my tiny little makeup bag that houses a simple powder, a mascara, an eye shadow, an eye liner, and that was it. I would always wonder why someone would need so much makeup. I still think that, but now my standards have changed. I now have two makeup bags. One is solely for eye shadow. Over the break, I have began to obsess over makeup. Before, I would only use organic makeup on my face, and I still do mostly, but now I love the expensive makeup. I never want to accumulate makeup, I would want to use it, and then buy something else. I tend to accumulate facial cleansers, facial masks, and things like that, because I like the idea of doing spa treatments at home. I am finally beginning to understand the makeup craze, and why Sephora is so fun. 
Over the break, I bought or was either gifted beauty products. 
Most of the beauty products are for my lips because I am obsessed with lip glosses, lip treatments, lip stains, lip sticks, lip whatevers. I love it all. 
The products I am currently "addicted" to are the Rosebud Salve and the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy. 
I use the Argan Hair Oil from Badger everyday, and I think it is helping this pesky problem spot I have. I have this one spot that is dry on the right side of my head, the ends are dry in just one spot and I have tried everything to try and cure it. I hope this Argan oil does the trick. 
Here is a review post about the Herbalism, Fresh Farmacy and Cosmetic Warrior: Lush Product Review.
The item that I want to feature is the Clinique Chubby Stick lip stick.
I originally was in the market for an Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar, but those are just way too pigmented on my skin. I decided to go with something a little more subtle and not so bold. 
I went with the Clinique Chubby Stick (only a dollar less than the Lip Tar).
The Chubby Stick works way better with my skin tone, and it's not so bold. It is moisturizing, and very subtle on my lips. 
I would normally be smiling my signature "Courtney" smiles, but I wanted to show the color, "Mighty Mimosa" on my lips. 
What I loved about the Clinique Chubby Stick was the packaging. I love pretty or interesting packaging of products, and the pretty floral box caught my eye.
I will be doing a review on the Badger Argan Hair Oil just as soon as my Badger Damascus Rose Face Oil comes in. I ordered it from New Seasons a few days ago, and I do hope it comes in soon. 
I obviously need more practice at beauty blogging, but soon enough I will get the hang of it. 
Maybe next time I will do a video introducing the beauty products, 
but I do love taking the pictures. 
I do hope you go and check out these beauty products, they are super fun and could be just the product you are looking for... for whatever you need.