Badger Botanical & Antioxidant Oils Review

The Badger company is a wonderful, organic company that produces balms, oils, makeup in an all-natural way and form. I first found out about Badger on my first trip to New Seasons Market and I loved the little badger character on the tins. Over the years, I have collected other Badger balms and Badger lip balms, I have fallen in love with the products. Just recently, I have discovered their oils. They have a plethora of hair oils and different body oils, along with an antioxidant face oil. I love taking care of my hair and face, and to find amazing oils to help repair damaged ends of my hair, or to help brighten my skin, I am always willing to try the product out. 
I am so excited about these products! I have been using them for about three weeks now, the Badger Argan  Botanical hair oil a little bit longer than the Damascus Rose Antioxidant face oil, both products work quickly and the results are visible. 
The Argan hair oil is a product I am very impressed with. My hair is smoother, shinier, and tends to be less frizzy. Argan oil helps fight and protect against the outside elements that battle the strands of your hair. 
I have this specific, damaged area of hair and the Argan oil is helping. Badger Argan hair oil is smoothing it out, and restoring my damaged hair, with the help of jojoba, and baobab oils in partnership with argan oil. I love the fragrance of the hair oil, I use it right after I straighten my hair in the morning, it is a leave-in conditioner, and I use it daily. 
I can't limit my choosings on these photos of my hair. 
The best times to use Badger Argan oil is right before you go outside for the day, right after using heat on your hair, or right after a shower to let the oil seep in your hair strands. 
For those of you who are wondering how long it took me to grow out my hair, it has taken me about three years. A few years ago, I chopped off my long hair to just below shoulder length, and for the years after that up until the present, I have only had a few inches taken off, sometimes a trim just to keep it healthy but still long. Soon, I think I am going to lop off another few inches, it would be nice to give my hair a new start. 
But for the amount of hair I do have (and yes, it is quite a lot), I do my best to take care of it. It is a prideful subject, my hair. 

The Badger Damascus Rose face oil is a wonderful staple to any skin care regime, using natural, cold-pressed oils such as jojoba, baobab, and pomegranate and lovely essential oils such as rose, lavender, and chamomile. It comes in such a pretty, pink box that has a beautiful design, and the oil is stored in a lovely, little glass bottle with a pump. 
~rosa damascema~
The Damascus Rose oil is helping immensely with some of these bugging scars I have. They are small, and disappearing with every application of this amazing product. 
I use it every night after I shower or wash my face. I try not to use it in the morning, because if I apply my facial powder over the oil, my brush will become clogged up and frankly, so will my face. 
It is best to use it night, or after a shower as the box suggests.
I love what it has done for my complexion.
The fragrance is pleasant when I apply the oil to my skin, the lavender is strong, the chamomile being calming, and the fragrance of roses makes it beautify my nightly skin care routine. 
I so love these products dearly, and I will definitely be purchasing them again when the bottles run dry.

I do hope you check out these products, among other Badger products. 
I have done product reviews on the other wonderful Badger products out there. 

I will continue to use Badger products forever, with all their many products to battle the sun, the bugs, dry hands, or even to soothe a tiny baby's bottom from diaper rash, Badger is the best balm company. 


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