Turkey Craft

Hello! My goodness, it has been a long time since I last posted. Almost a month! I will catch you all up later, but for now I am going to do a turkey craft. I love putting together holiday crafts, and coming up with new eco ideas. I like to include nature in my crafts, as well as things laying around the house. 

This craft idea came from Pinterest. I didn't go to the site because I made this craft all on my own, I just had some inspiration from a paper bag turkey. 

What you will need...
~Browned leaves (at least 3)
~4 different colors of paper
~1 brown paper lunch bag
~red curling ribbon
~white paper & sharpie or googly eyes
~glue stick/liquid glue/some sort of adhesive. 
~4 paper towels. 

First, open up the paper bag and shove the four paper towels inside the bag. Close it off with some excess bag at the top, like you  bunch it up and there is the top or opening of the bag left over. Tie it off with some ribbon. You will be using the ribbon again later. Next, take on of the colored pieces of paper and cut out a cartoon like "hand" with only 4 "fingers", make them a little chubby. This is going to be the base of the turkey tail. Next, cut out feathers from two of the colors of paper. Don't make the feathers huge, make them mostly a standard size. Next, take the last color and cut out a circle from the paper, this will be the turkey head. Glue down the four fingered "hand" to the bag excess, and then glue down the paper feathers first, and then the leaves. On top of the leaves, glue down the circle turkey head. To make the eyes, stick your googly eyes on the head, or what I did, I took regular white paper, and sharpied the eye dots on there to make crazy turkey eyes. I used glue dots to stick them to the head and make them pop out a bit. With the same color as one of the feathers, I cut out a triangular like shape, kind of a smaller triangle to make the beak. I folded it down the middle and bent the triangle at the bottom base and glued it to the head. Next, take the curling ribbon, and cut off a piece that is about 4 inches to 5 inches. Use scissors to curl it and stick it under the beak, use that for the snood. There you go! A turkey craft! 

In collage form. 

Finished product! It is pretty cute if I do say so myself, and I do.

You can use it as a goody bag for a thanksgiving party or as a table topper or just a decoration. It's a pretty fun and easy craft. 


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