Cookie Exchange 2013

I have let myself into the blogging gap, where I do something fun and then I don't blog about it for a while. I forgot to blog about the cookie exchange! Last year, we did a cookie bake at my Grandma Biggs's house. It was somewhat hectic with everyone needing to use the oven at the same time. My Grandma Biggs decided to do a cookie swap this year, where we just bring a plate of cookies and give each other 4 or more of each others' cookies. 
It wasn't just a cookie swap, it was also a tea party. My Grandma brought out an assortment of teas and brought out some of her lovely tea pots. She made frittatas, and the little smokie sausages, she had fruit and cranberry muffins. Every event she hosts is so special, and even tastier with the scrumptious food she makes. 
Ever since my Uncle Randy married my Aunt Aimee, we have had her family over for these little parties. I love that our family grew even more. My Aunt Aimee's sister-in-law and her little daughter came to the cookie swap, a long with my Aunt Aimee's mom. My Aunt Shawna and my little cousins, Isabelle and Raelyn came over, and my Grandma Williams attended as well. A lot of extended family, and being a part of a big family is absolutely wonderful. 
My Aunt Aimee had her daughter three months ago, my new, precious cousin Quincy also attended her very first cookie swap. 
We always put our cookies on the pool table in the family room at my Grandma's house. Last year, there was a plethora of cookies, but not like this year. Tray after tray of cookies on the pool table. I contributed the chocolate chip pretzel cookies this year. I think I am going to use these as my main cookie from now on. 
My family took home our left over cookies, plus two plates of the cookies we collected. My mom brought three plates of cookies to the ladies at her work, and we were still left over with about a billion cookies!
This is the plate I put together
Next year, I am going to hi-tail it to Oregon for the cookie swap. I definitely want to be here for that. It's weird to think this is my last Christmas season while I'm living in Oregon. It won't be the last Christmas season spent with my family though.
All of those cookies are gone... Every single one of them. We like sweets way too much.