LÄRABAR Product Review

Earlier this year, I was on a mega health craze. I went vegan for the month of January just to try out that eating lifestyle, and during that time, I was looking for yummy, healthy, of course vegan products to take care of that pesky sweet tooth. I knew that making vegan chocolate chip cookies would get old after a while, so I wanted to find something different, and healthier... I found LÄRABAR
"Simple. Pure. Delicious." Is their catch phrase on the LÄRABAR 101 
I "re-connected" with LÄRABAR last weekend at the Oregon Zoo. They provided a little scavenger hunt for the children that visited the zoo, and once they completed the scavenger hunt, you go back to the entrance for a prize. Of course, being in Oregon and being the Oregon Zoo, they promote healthy, organic treats, and with in the prize, there were two, mini LÄRABARs in the prize bag, an Apple Pie flavor and a Blueberry Muffin flavor. Unfortunately, I can't find the Blueberry flavor anywhere! I'm assuming it's not in the local grocery stores, and it is at New Seasons, Zupans, or Whole Foods. I will be going back to those stores soon, and I will be on the hunt for the Blueberry flavor. 
My favorite, all time flavor is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor is not vegan, it has soy, and dairy... but it is gluten-free, non-GMO, and kosher! 
It is the best flavor in my opinion. 
Did I mention they are also organic? WIN!
The Apple Pie flavor is just as scrumptious, and as you can read on the label, the Apple Pie flavor of LÄRABAR is in fact vegan, kosher, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy free, and dairy free. These definitely take care of a sweet tooth. 
A few days ago, my mom brought home a new flavor of LÄRABAR for me to try, Banana Bread. 
I was a bit skeptical about this flavor. When it comes to food, I am not too picky, but I do like good things. It doesn't hurt to try. To be honest, I would not pick this flavor again, but that is just my opinion. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't my favorite either. I do love what I see on the wrapper though...
This is the "simple" part of their catch phrase. 
Simple ingredients, they are all right right there on the wrapper, 3 ingredients, read em.
I love that! I love when you purchase something, and all the ingredients are items you are familiar with, and probably sitting in your kitchen now! 

LÄRABARs are fantastic snacks. They are delicious, healthy, and appealing. They provide energy and the wrapper design is killer in my opinion. These are main school snacks now. If I need a boost in energy, in a small snack when I am in the last few minutes of school, I open my LÄRABAR and smile away.