Halloween 2013

Happy November First my lovely readers! Who all had a spooky Halloween? I know I had a glittery Halloween. At the last minute, I decided to dress up. I wasn't going trick-or-treating, I was just passing out candy. I love it when the people who hand out candy are dressed up, so I wanted to dress up. 
When I got home yesterday, I began searching for a costume. I started out as a pin up girl, then a pink lady from Grease, then an orange M&M and arrived at a butterfly. 
To a simple butterfly...
With glitter eyes
And a DIY! 
If you were wondering what to do to your pumpkin instead of the traditional Jack-O-Lantern, I have a cutesy "no carve" solution. 
Glitter-ize your pumpkin! It's so easy!
Just put glue all over... and smear it with a plastic bag. Put the plastic bag over your hand, and smear it all over the pumpkin.
Sprinkle glitter all over the pumpkin, and viola! Pretty pumpkin!
(EEEP! Quality is fine... the sparkles and lighting make it look scratchy and unfocused.)
It was my mom's birthday yesterday, and she wanted to watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. So while we ate candy and dinner, and in between the 50 or so trick-or-treaters that came to our door, we watched Charlie Brown, a tradition in our family. We always watch the holiday Charlie Brown specials on TV. It was a relaxing night, I browsed Pinterest while watching Charlie Brown and I ate my Reeses Peanut Butter cups, I ate my deep dish pizza and garlic bread, and saw the cutest little strawberry costume come to my door. 
It was a great Halloween. It was spent with my family.