Inspires Me

This morning, I didn't know who I was going to do for my Inspires Me post today. I had a feeling about a certain blogger, but I thought I should save that blogger for another time. I decided that this was the time to share how this blogger inspires me because after reading her blog posts today (I had to catch up on a few), I felt at peace. This week, I have picked Nirrimi from The Road Is Home.
The reason I picked Nirrimi is because she was part of what inspired me to go vegan for a whole month. I love looking at her beautiful pictures she takes, and keeping up with her family on instagram. She goes on so many adventures with her photography, and what an opportunity for her! She inspires me with her words, and how she makes her blog posts flow. Her blog posts are told as if they were a fairy tale story, or beautiful poetry. Her wording is soft and cozy. I found Nirrimi last year through Pinterest. I saw a beautiful picture of a pregnant woman holding a butterfly next to her belly and I fell in love with the picture. It was so soft and so delicate. I later found the blog and it belonged to Nirrimi. When I found the blog, I spent hours reading the posts I missed and instantly loved her blogging style. She inspires me to just write. If I want to journal, and if I have some extra time, I write. I take a beautiful picture of a flower, put it with my post so it has some appealing look to it, and I write. I try to make my words flow the way she does, and the style she takes her pictures in. It's all so beautiful. 
Nirrimi's daughter, Alba Joy, she is such a beautiful little girl. I love how she somewhat personifies motherhood. She does explain some hardships of motherhood, but she makes it sound magical and lovely. I would so love to go to Australia and visit them, and meet Nirrimi and walk through their beautiful garden. I would love to talk about blogging, photography, food... anything really. I admire that beautiful, little family. They are strong and delicate.