MeMe Cosmetics & Farm Maid Feedback

After a week of using their products, I know that these products are the ones for me. MeMe Cosmetics and Farm Maid has seriously saved my face just in time for school to start. I am in love with all the products for combination skin from MeMe Cosmetics. 
MeMe Cosmetics
Last week, I purchased a sample of MeMe Cosmetics for combination skin and I have to say it absolutely wonderful. I have used all of the products that I purchased and I am so in love with them. The lavender cream is fresh and light, I use it at night and I wake up with my skin so soft! I use the eye balm at night, and I wake up with light and lovely eyes. I used the exfoliating wash last night, and I love how my skin looks when I use an exfoliating wash, especially now since it is all natural. The only thing I am not excited about is the scent of the exfoliating wash, but I do love how my skin looks after I use it. I am still amazed with the blemish oil, and I love the way the peppermint honey face wash suds up and the way it smells. 
Unfortunately, I ran out of the chamomile toner a few days ago, and I have been using some homemade toner that I made with my lavender products, but when I am ready to purchase the full sizes of the MeMe Cosmetics, I am going to purchase a full size of the chamomile toner. 
Farm Maid Homemade Soaps
The only soaps I have used of Farm Maid is the Skin So Clear and the Love Spell. I love the fragrance of the Love Spell (from Victoria Secret) and I use it in the soap mesh bag as a loofa in the shower. I love how I can be out of the shower for hours and hours and still smell like Love Spell. I LOVE THAT. The Skin So Clear has really helped my skin. I am loving it so much! I think it has also helped my acne scars. The smell is amazing and I love  how it suds up. The Skin So Clear has really saved my skin. I am going to continue to use it. Mixing the two products together, using the Farm Maid soap and MeMe Cosmetics is wonderful synergy. They work together and they clear my skin up to make it beautiful and glowy. 
I am so excited to use my Rose Lavender soap and my plain Lavender soap from Farm Maid. My favorites so far is the Skin So Clear and the Love Spell. In the shower, I feel so clean and I smell so good. My skin is actually softer due to using the Love Spell soap. I have all things positive to say about these two small businesses. 
Here is how my skin looks now! 
(I don't have a before picture because I am ashamed of how my skin looked... I mean it wasn't SO bad, but it is bad enough where I don't want to show it. And NO editing has been done to these pictures. Absolutely none, except the part where they are put in a collage.)
Proud to show off my face!
Here are their websites:
From now on, they are taking care of my skin.