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Hello all! This is the fourth week of my Inspires Me blog series. The last three posts on my blog are Inspires Me posts because I have been busy with school starting, and school work, but later today, I will be posting a Breast Cancer Awareness blog post. I just finished making the cupcakes for the post and I am really excited to share. Last week, after I blogged about Calico Tales, I was wondering who to feature in my next Inspires Me post. I went down the line of my favorite bloggers and I found the perfect blogger. This blogger inspired me to create a blog in the first place, I have known her {in person} all my life, and she is one of my mom's best friends. This week's blogger who Inspires Me is April from April's Homemaking.
April is my mother's childhood friend, we have known April forever. A few years ago, I found April's blog and loved how she posted recipes, and about her garden, the festivals and other festivities she went to and was involved in, and her trips she went on with her family. I fell in love with her blog. I decided to make a blog myself, and Barefoot in Blue Jeans was created. I have April to thank for inspiring me to create a blog. I love reading about her recipes, the crafts she makes, and the things on her heart. She is a very sweet friend, and I am blessed to have her and her wonderful family in my life. 

I consider all bloggers my mentors, but April is the top mentor because she got me hooked on blogging! 
April, you are awesome! 
I was really excited to blog about April today because she is so close to our hearts. 
We love you and your family, April! We miss you!


  1. What a wonderful surprise Courtney! Your kind words really made my day! I also really enjoy your blog, and am inspired by all of your goals, and projects, outings, and yummy recipes. I am always amazed at the passion you have in your ideas and for your future. I look forward to following your blog into the future! We really miss you and your family too. :) Love you guys!

    1. I enjoy reading your blog! Your blog is full of fun recipe ideas, and trip ideas! You are just a really fun, sweet person. I admire you greatly. :)


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