Inspires Me

Hello all! Been a lovely second week of school. A small shower of rain cascaded over Portland today, that only means Summer is sadly coming to a close, but not to fret, sweater season is on the up rise! I am so happy that I have been able to keep up with this series, "Inspires Me". I have said to my readers over the past few years that I will do all these weekly blog series, and I never get around to posting a second, or third post, but this is my third "Inspires Me" post, and I think it is going very well. For this week's "Inspires Me", I have picked a blogger who shares a love for coffee with me, she is quirky and adorable, and I admire her greatly. She is also one of the original bloggers I have been following since the beginning of my blog. I have chosen Anita from Calico Tales
Anita is such a free spirit. She inspires me with clothing choices, photography, coffee drinks (she is a barista!), instagram photos, and of course blogging. Anita's blogging style is simple and sweet. She can pull off those adorable short hair styles, and any color nail polish. In her "About Me" page on her blog, she says she is "pretty much fearless" to doing the things she loves, and that is so beautiful. What I also love about Anita is she has grown up a Northwestern girl, and so have I! I feel as though Portland is kind of a sister city to Seattle. 
Anita is whimsical, and that is my favorite word. Whimsy to me is glitter and sparkles, a sunny beach with dogs running, and where the drift wood is already painted, with shiny sea shells, and Anita is whimsical. 
Her recipes are amazing and I am jealous of her mug collection. 
Anita is a great person, and I hope to meet her someday. I feel like we have a lot in common.
Anita, you have succeeded at inspiring me. 
By the way, this totally made my day... 
A few days ago, I saw this picture on Instagram...
I commented with an emoji, the one where the emoji has two hearts for eyes meaning "I LOVE THIS!" and then Anita responded back with...
It was so neat! 
It's really fun to interact with other bloggers, and especially with bloggers you look up to. 
I look up to Anita, she is a fantastic blogger, and a fantastic person! 
Keep on inspiring people, Anita. You're good at it.