Inspires Me

Hello again lovelies! I am so excited to share this awesome blogger I have chosen for this week's Inspires Me post. Last week, right after I wrote about Casey Leigh Wiegand, I was reading a lovely post from another blog and it was so touching and so simple. The similarities and differences between Casey and the blogger I have chosen are slight, but there are differences. I love this blogger's blogging style, she often keeps it short and sweet, and it reminds me that posts don't have to be this big, blown out thing, it can be kept short, to the point, and like a little note to self or sometimes little, sweet notes to her children. 
The blogger I have chosen for this week's Inspires Me is Georgia from Documenting Delight.
The reason why I chose Georgia is because she really inspires me to the fullest, with blogging, and with ways to raise my future children, she is such a gentle person, and her family is beautiful. 
I love how they do simple Christmases, or they make their gifts to one another, and how family oriented they are. 
I found Documenting Delight through another blogger that I adore, during the winter time of 2012. I have been keeping up with her blog posts, and her following her instagram feed since then and I have been so inspired and it is wonderful reading her blog!
Like I said above, I absolutely love her blogging style, she shows me that I don't have to write a book as a post, but if something short or sweet is on my mind, and I feel like sharing it on my blog, it doesn't have to super detailed, just one small, sweet detail and a short back story. 
She lives up to her blog's name, she documents delight. 
I also follow Georgia on Instagram: documentingdelight
Her kiddos are so sweet, and so hilarious sometimes, they would be so fun to meet!
Georgia is one of the women I have to thank for sparking that passion for birth I have. She has her kiddos at home, and I love that! This summer, I tried my best to keep up a journal about midwife facts, and natural birthing facts, along with what the side effects of some of the drugs used to aid in birthing. Georgia was one of the ladies who inspired me to even start that up, and Georgia's little girl, Priya, she also inspired me. There was a post where Georgia mentioned that Priya was like a junior midwife, and that touched my heart. It was so sweet.

I would love to meet Georgia sometime in my life, it would be very special.
If I were to meet Georgia, I would ask advice on blogging (of course), I would love to discuss birthing with her and her experiences. 

I haven't failed yet on keeping up with my weekly Inspires Me post, although this is only the second post in the series.
I will post a Back To School {Senior Year} post next weekend. 
I have also discovered Washi Tape. I will talk more about it in my Back to School post.