Inspires Me

I have been planning to do a post like this all summer. I want to start to start posting about people who inspire me. I hope to post every week about someone new who inspires me, and I am going to try my hardest to fulfill that blog resolution. 

The first person that I am going to put in this series is Casey Leigh Wiegand. 
I forgot how I found her blog, but ever since I became a part of the blogosphere, I have been following her blog. That was three years ago that I started Barefoot In Blue Jeans, and that was three years ago that I started following The Wiegands.

The reason why she inspires me is because she has an eye for art. She captures glorious pictures at angles people don't really think about capturing from. The way she edits her pictures is exquisite and so artsy. 
There was a point in time where I wanted to change the look of my blog, I thought it was too busy and I wanted something simple, Casey's blog is simple and cute. I was looking for templates that were simple, and similar to Casey's and I told my mom about my plans for my blog, and she said something that made me never want to make huge changes to my blog: my blog represents me. Just like Casey's blog represents her. 

Every time that I visit her blog and read her posts, they make me smile. Her photography a big part of her blog, her eye for color and design is what makes her so interesting, and of course her kiddos are adorable. 
Casey's fashion choices are so cute and have pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone in clothing choices. 
It's so fun when Casey replies to my comments and messages, it makes my day!
I would love to meet her in person some day, and ask her for advice on blogging and photography. 
Casey Leigh is my favorite blogger. I love a lot of blogs, but out of all them, The Wiegands is my favorite blog.


  1. Casey is amazing and I love her thoughts and her blog. she is super encouraging and all of her photos are so precious! She is deff a role model of mine.
    I am actually visiting from her blog and I have linked up my post too.

    I hope you have a beautiful saturday.
    Visiting from Casey Wiegand's link up.


  2. Hello Jessica! Thank you for visiting my blog. I just read your post on the 100 facts about you and that was really neat. I love connecting with people online too. Casey is a fun person, and yes she is definitely a role model. I am so excited to go deeper in your blog and read more!

  3. Hi Courtney, your blog caught my eye and I enjoy reading along, so I nominated you for a Liebster Award, which is just a fun way to connect with other bloggers and answer questions to get to know one another. If you’re interested, check out my post:

  4. love me some casey girl!! ;) she is a doll.

    way to go on just staying true to who you are. it's always hard do that when you see people that inspire you/are successful/etc. keep on being just the beautiful way you are.


    1. You just made my day! Thank you so much for those encouraging words. It is hard, indeed, because I see all these cute blogs and I see my blog as just put together, but I really did spend a lot of time on it. Yes! Casey is awesome!


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