Farmer's Market Finds~Natural Skin Care

It's been a long time since I last blogged. I have been super busy, I house sat for my aunt all last week. On Sunday, I went to the Vancouver Farmer's Market. My Grandma Biggs has been wanting to take me there, because I have never been to Vancouver farmer's market before. The Vancouver Farmer's Market is pretty good sized. They have a lot of vegetable stands, a lot of non-food items like art pieces, jewelry, soaps, signs, things like that. When I arrived at the farmer's market, I expected to purchase some veggies and fruits, such as zucchini, and peaches. I kind of wandered around the market, waiting for my mom and grandma to finish up wine tasting, and I found a natural cosmetics booth. If you know me in person, or have been reading my blog since the beginning, you  know that I love natural skin care, or skin care at all! I am a facial guru. The vendor's name is Inger and that name is so pretty to me. We talked about how stressful the last year of high school is, and I told her that is probably why I have been breaking out lately. She asked what my skin type was and I told her it was combination, some oily and some dry. She put together this sampler for me and threw in a free sample of blemish oil (natural proactive! yes!). I purchased the sampler and was so excited to get home and try out her skin care. 
My favorites out of the sampler is the chamomile toner and the blemish oil. My mom even wants the full size of both of those products. The blemish oil is really helping with the breakouts, and the chamomile toner smells great, and it works! It removes excess dirt that my face wash didn't get to. 
Inger's business is called MeMe Cosmetics. 
Her story is on her website, and it is a lovely story about why her business is called MeMe Cosmetics, and who MeMe really is. 
In a few days, I am going to post some "results" on how my skin is doing since I have been using MeMe Cosmetics. My skin always does better when it is being taken care of by all natural products. 

Why Goat's Milk?
I'll tell you why! 
Goat's milk is known for it's richness in moisture, vitamins, minerals and proteins. It doesn't carry harsh chemicals, it carries over 50 nutrients, goat's milk has naturally recurring glycerin, goat's milk has so many benefits, those are just some of the benefits of goats milk. 
At the farmer's market, there was another booth that piqued my interest. Goat's Milk Soap and soy candles. I love soaps and candles. I was listening to the vendor's story about her soap on a rope product, and it was really fascinating. She was the last stop I made before leaving the farmer's market. I gathered up the soaps I wanted, which was Love Spell (a scent from Victoria Secret), lavender, rose lavender, and the soap on a rope mesh bag. I told her about how I love natural skin care and how I am looking for different products to help reduce my break outs or get rid of them all together, and she suggested her soap, Skin So Clear. I added that to my purchases and she said that it is a great soap for break outs. Indeed. It the only soap of her's that I have used so far, and I LOVE IT! The Skin So Clear really lives up to it's name. 
I have been using this soap as my sole face wash for the past couple of days. I love the smell of Skin So Clear, it has the lovely blend of  lemongrass, tea tree, lavender, and sage. I love how easy it suds up. It doesn't strip my face of the natural oils. This soap is my favorite!
These are my other soaps from The Farm Maid. 
In a few days, I will post how my skin is doing since I started using Farm Maid soaps. 
In the 2 days that I have been using Skin So Clear, I am already pleased with how my skin is doing.
My skin is so lovely from using Skin So Clear from Farm Maid and from using the chamomile toner and blemish oil from MeMe Cosmetics. 
They both have a customer in me.

Here are their websites...