Farmer's Market Finds~Bee Products

BZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Bzzzzzzzzz! Bzzzzz! I never have appreciated those busy bees more than I do now. Those busy bees make so much more than honey. At the Vancouver farmer's market, I discovered some awesome cure-alls. All of these bee products are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, and health benefits.
The first one is simple, Raw Wild Flower honey. TBS honey was selling three different flavors of honey, as well as creamed honey, (blueberry, blackberry, and wild flower) but my favorite honey flavor was wild flower, because you could taste all the distinct flavors of the wild flowers, especially honeysuckle. The most common health benefit honey has is to soothe a sore throat, and to calm hay fever, but did you know that it can help grow out your hair, make your hair shinier, and can help keep the acne away. Dark honey carries more antioxidants than lighter honey. The uses and health benefits of honey go way beyond the teaspoon in your tea. 
The little honey bear I purchased was a mini size. It is so cute! I have been eating it everyday, I eat a teaspoon every day. I need to buy another, I am running out. This little bear is so cute! I am going to carry him around with me in my bag at school, for when I need a little something sweet. 
I am a super food junkie! When I hear the words "super food", I get excited. This next, amazing bee product is what keeps the bees busy! 
Bee Pollen! Bee pollen is a known super food and it has all the vitamins and minerals that are vital to a human being. Bee pollen carries all the B vitamins, and it is 40% protein. Bee pollen sustains and creates natural energy within your body (goodbye caffeine!). There are so many things that bee pollen can do for your body, such as: Reduces cravings and addictions, regulates intestines, prevents infectious diseases, builds new blood, and is said to battle cancer and radiation. Bee pollen is THE complete food. It possesses more protein than animal products, and more amino acids than dairy. When consumed, it helps battle everything, from fighting the common cold to combating acne, bee pollen is the ultimate super food.  
(Sources: From eating it myself, from TBS honey {Ron Stark-bee keeper} and
This next one, I am super excited to share! Pure Royal Jelly. Royal jelly is made exclusively for the queen bee and the bee larvae. In ancient times, royal jelly was used to extend life, because it is used to extend the queen bee's life. Pure Royal Jelly has countless health benefits. What sold my mom on it was that it helped lower cholesterol. My dad has had high cholesterol and he has tried countless remedies. The fact that it aids in lowering cholesterol piqued my mom's interest in the royal jelly. What piqued my interest in this royal substance is the fact that it balances blood pressure. For a while now, I have been falling down countless times after I stand up, and it doesn't even have to be that I am standing up too fast. I just get up from a chair, and my eyes go black, I get really dizzy and most of the time I fall down or faint. It's because I have low blood pressure. Ever since I have been taking the royal jelly, I haven't been blacking out or falling down. I can get up at any speed and I am completely fine. 
I started using the royal jelly five days ago. Before Sunday (September 1st), I had some skin issues. In the past, I have never had to battle acne, maybe one here and one there, but never multiple at a time, and never where they were so bad and so visible. This summer has been turmoil on my skin. With the help of the natural skin products (talked about here) and the consumption of the pure royal jelly, I haven't obtained any new blemishes or skin issues. My skin has improved immensely. I have also been adding the royal jelly to my facial moisturizer and I love it! It helps rid my skin of those blasted acne scars. 
Pure royal jelly helps combat and nourish so many things. It combats dry skin, nourishes and strengthens skin, hair and nails. Royal jelly combats eczema and even cancer. The pure royal jelly is so powerful, it improves your immune system, fights off sore throats and tonsillitis, it rejuvenates your cells and aids with anti-aging properties. The benefits I particularly love right now is that it helps reduce stress, tension and promotes relaxation. With school coming up, and the stress coming to fight, I have brought my weapon: the pure royal jelly. Royal jelly is something I'm counting as a school supply because it helps improve concentration, not that I need help focusing, but some extra help is always welcomed. 
There is so much more that pure royal jelly aids in. I have been taking 1/4 teaspoon of it daily, under my tongue for five days now, and all I have been experiencing is positive improvements and changes. 
Most of all, the royal jelly is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. I have officially said goodbye to my One A Day vitamins. 
(Sources: From taking it myself and personal experience, from TBS honey {bee keeper-Ron Stark} and from
We also purchased some honey sticks from TBS honey at the Vancouver farmers market. Those are always fun for a quick and sweet snack. 
Here is TBS Honey's website. You can find out information on the bee products, sizes and prices. 
The power of nature, the power of local purchasing, I'm telling you!