Tissue Paper Pom Pom

In yesterday's post, I promised a tutorial on how to make a tissue paper pom pom. I am living up to my word, and I present to you the tissue paper pom pom. It is really quite simple. I made two tissue paper pom poms for my aunt's baby shower, and last Saturday was the first time I have ever made tissue paper pom poms. They really are so simple. 

here is what you will need...
~5 to 10 sheets of tissue paper (between those numbers, in that range)
~opt. craft scissors

As you can tell, I love photographing with natural light. 
To begin, lay out the pieces of tissue on top of each other, stack them. I used about 7 pieces of tissue paper in all different colors. If you want to make one in all one color, that is perfectly fine too. 
Fold the tissue papers like a fan. Forward fold, backward fold, forward fold, backward fold, and so on until the tissue paper sheets come to an end. 
Once you are done fan folding the tissue paper, take a piece of ribbon and tie it off in the middle. Make sure and center it so one side doesn't have more tissue paper than the other (or more oomf. You don't want the other side of the pom pom to get jealous... a little humor there). You want the pom pom to be equal on both sides. 
Spread out the sides so they are somewhat fanned out. Don't separate the paper yet. 
I happen to have a whole bunch of craft scissors, so I decided to make the edges of my pom pom cute and frilly. Just scalloped, nothing too frilly.
Cut around the edges of the tissue paper on both sides. 
Now, cut the sides into strips. I picked other scissors for this. 
Spread out the cut up strips. This will give you a pom pom!
You can hang them from string, hang them on the wall, put them in a large shadow box, use them as a bouquets or play pom poms for dress up. 
These are fun because you can make them whatever color you wan them!
You can always customize your crafts.