Painted Driftwood Village {Beachy Craft}

While I was at the beach last Thursday, I collected flat, triangular like pieces of drift wood. I have been seeing this adorable drift wood village on Pinterest, and I wanted to try it out myself. I already did another beachy craft, Painted Driftwood, and that was so much fun. I took something that was dull and drab and turned it into something beautiful. I did that again, today with my little village. I received so many compliments on my little painted village, everybody said it was so cute. It is!

If you want to make this craft, 
    all you need is...
~drift wood that is flat and triangular like
~water for rinsing
~paper towel
I woke up earlier this morning so I could finish them before I had to take my sister to cross country. I brought out all my paint, the brushes and sponges, I brought out the water and everything. I set up my phone against a mug and I watched Fraiser on Netflix while I was painting. I was all set with my Fraiser, my coffee in my mason jar, my paints, and the beauty of the morning and it's little critters. 
Speaking of critters, I had two glorious encounters with little critters. The first encounter was with this beautiful blue bird, he came to the feeder for some morning grub. 
And then a squirrel scampered under the bird feeder and was digging around for some fallen bird seed. I captured a picture of the squirrel standing on our little ceramic bunnies. He must be on the look out.
I always begin on a little piece of drift wood as a sample. It helps break out my creativity and start with something small. I always save my best piece of drift wood for last. 
This cute little house is adorable though.
Painting Progress....
And viola! All done.
I used some of the stones I collected from Lincoln City to help model my village.
If you can see, one of the houses says, "Fuzzy" and there is also a market, that says "Market... Produce" I pay attention to detail. I used the pointed tip of a skewer to write that.
I love these next pictures. I used the rocks to make a walk-way leading up the coral colored house (the tallest house). It looks really neat! 
I even painted flowers on Fuzzy's house. I love the little details I included.
What house would you live in? 
I chose to live above the market and run the market. 
Imagine a view of the sea from your home, and the beach is just down from the walk way. Those look like beach homes... some people get crazy with their colors.