Mobile Craft for Baby QB

Hello all! I have a craft for you today. I actually made this craft a few days ago, but couldn't post it because it would ruin a lovely surprise. I was picking my brain for a cute craft to make for my new little cousin, who will be here sometime in September. My mom made a beautiful picture frame and name hang thing, my sister crocheted a beautiful blanket, and I was just going to give my aunt some cloth diapers... that's not meaningful. I decided to make something for her, and I found this beautiful mobile to make. I went to Michael's Craft Store and I bought some ribbon, some paper, and an embroidery hoop, I picked the colors yellow and lilac to match little baby QB's room. I knew this would be a perfect gift. 

If you are interested in making this, 

 here is what you will need...
~A medium sized embroidery hoop
~6 to 8 different patterned ribbons
~Patterned paper
~Elmer's liquid school glue (white)
~Paint brush
~Something circular that you can trace, possibly a bottle cap
(if you have a circle punch out approx the size of a bottle cap, skip the pencil and bottle cap.)

Now, I usually tell you how to do something in a paragraph, and then show a collage, well I am going to show a step-by-step instructional on how to make this. It is really simple, and really easy. 
So first, gather all your materials together. In the picture I forgot to add the scissors and glue... I have hot glue in this picture because I wasn't sure what glue to start off with, but you use Elmer's glue through the whole thing. Take the inner hoop from the embroidery hoop. 
Next, take your circle punch or circular shaped item and pencil, start tracing and cutting out circles. You want them to be all the same size. Make about 16 to 20 circles with each piece of paper. I had about 7 or 8 pieces of paper, but I ended up only using 6 pieces of paper. 
Now, take  your ribbon and your embroidery hoop, begin to tie the ribbon to your embroidery hoop. The ribbon does not have to be the same length, they can be all different lengths. 
Next, you take the circles you punched or cut out, and you sandwich the ribbon between two of those circles. You want to glue two circles together with the ribbon between them, you also want the circles to be the same pattern. If you want to be different, you don't have to use the same pattern, I was almost considering that, but I just used the same pattern. 
I used a paint brush to spread the glue around on the paper circles. 
So what you want to do is glue the bottom circle to the ribbon, brush glue over the ribbon and the circle, press the top circle over the bottom circle and sandwich the ribbon together. 
So once you have all the circles glued to the ribbons, and you don't have to use ALL of them that you cut out, you can pick and choose, I used most of all my circles and glued them in various places. The step where you glue the circles is really all on you, you can pick where and what ribbons to what circles. It's all up to you on that step. 
You will end up with something kind of like this... 
Next, you will want to take four, somewhat longer ribbons and tie them in four different places on the embroidery hoop, kind of spaced out from each other. This is to hang the mobile. 
To level it, I had my sister hold the embroidery hoop flat on the table while I tied the ribbons together. 
Here is the finished mobile! When my dad saw it, he said it could have been  professionally made, like I bought it from an expensive baby boutique. That made me smile, knowing I produced something that looked amazing and so cute.
I was so excited for my Aunt Aimee to open it on Saturday. Saturday was her baby shower that my mom, my grandma, my sister and I all threw her. It was a successful baby shower and I will post a separate post about that, but here is my Aunt Aimee opening the mobile. She said that she didn't have a mobile yet, and mine would be perfect. That made me feel really special, and that she thought my mobile was special. 
It was a very special moment when she opened up my mobile. It was so fun and so special.