Lincoln City Day Trip 2013

Last Thursday, my dad took my sister and I to Lincoln City, to our usual spot to roast hot dogs and hang out. We originally were gonna bring my dad's surfboard, but then we decided not to because the weather wasn't going to be FANTASTIC at the beach. Understandable. 
We arrived in Lincoln City and we first went to a Grocery Outlet to grab some grub. We usually do s'mores with my mom, but since it was just with dad and Britt, we got chocolate doughnuts, I will take chocolate doughnuts over a s'more any day. 
We then drove to our usual spot. You park in a small lot above the beach and you walk down. Simple. We used to hate it because we would have to lug everything up and down the ramp and load it in the car, this time it wasn't that bad. 
It was cloudy when we arrived at Lincoln City, it's to be expected. Cloudy weather is the usual for Lincoln City, that is, when we are there. 
Brittney and I went to scope out a spot and we found the best spot! I found this awesome log chair. It was the giant piece of drift wood and it was somewhat shaped like a chair, you could sit in it and lounge in it, it really was a neat spot. So of course, my sister and I had to do photo shoots on it. 
My feetsies while sitting on the log chair.
And then the silly pictures... Brittney wanted to do the theme of The Little Mermaid... so we did The Little Mermaid cover. These pictures make me laugh so hard. 
It's from the movie cover where she looks to be bursting out of the water. The first two pictures are of me being a mermaid on the log... That was so uncomfortable, let me tell you. 
That was a fun find! Unfortunately, my dad wanted something a little closer to the tide, and the log chair was closer to the cliffs. We started on our hunt for wood. We actually were building it around a log that was already at the site we chose {lucky us}. We always use drift wood when building fires on the beach, it is part of the beach experience. We only bring a paper sack of already chopped wood, just one bag and the rest is drift wood. We found three big drift wood logs that we rolled to our site. 
At Grocery Outlet, they usually have nifty stuff there. We found the Hebrew National hot dogs and we have never had them before, so we decided to grab them up. Let me tell you... Those hot dogs are THE BEST  hot dogs. They smell amazing. The smell was so amazing. I guess if I had to describe it, the delicious smell of those hot dogs kind of smelled like pepperoni, but not quite pepperoni, it was better than pepperoni. It was a really really good smell. They smelled even better when roasted over a beach fire. 
After I ate, I went around the beach and collected flat rocks for a cairn. I had been seeing them on Pinterest, and was really inspired to make one. It was easy finding the flat rocks to stack. Some of them I found on the shore line, some of them I found embedded into the sand near my log chair. I found a ton. I was also looking for flat pieces of drift wood to make a drift wood village, which I also saw on Pinterest and was totally inspired. I found my rocks and my drift wood and I built my cairn. (Painted drift wood village in a later post)
It was really neat to be able to actually make them stay stacked. The top picture of the cairn is my favorite and it was really popular on Instagram. I love it for it's beauty and of course how I edited it. I received a comment on Instagram that is was the most beautiful cairn they had ever seen. It was really special to hear that. 
We brought our kites to the beach with us. The last few times we have been to the beach, we had forgotten our kites, so this time we made sure to bring them. It was a blast flying our kites. Our Grandpa Biggs gave us these kites. I had my dad take a lot of pictures of us flying our kites. There were a lot of good ones.
I am really surprised at how strong those little kite strings are. My kite rose higher than the cliffs. It was crazy! Brittney's and mine both rose higher than the cliffs. 
I wanted to reel mine in just a bit, I was getting nervous about it being that high, and as I was reeling my kite in, the wind took it out of my hands, I had to run a mile before I caught up with it. I was so tired, especially running in the sand, and I haven't really been in tip top shape for two years... and it's hard running in the sand! It finally came down on it's own and the string was all tangled, the holder was so sandy. It was a mess! I'm glad I didn't lose my kite though, I have lost my kite before. My family and I were at Powell Butte hiking, and we brought our kites. My kite was so pretty, it was pink and had butterflies on it. I loved that kite. It was the same story, the wind took it away from me and it got lost in a very tall tree. I was so sad about that. This happened when I was maybe eight years old. 
I just wrapped up the string that wasn't tangled, and I tapped off the sand, and called it good. No more kite flying for me that day. 
I perused the shore line again, wanting to dip my toes in the sea and connect with all the oceans. 
No, that is not a black toe nail, it is just sand.
And the shoreline is decorated with crushed seashells. Another man's trash is another man's treasure. To somebody else, crushed seashells on a shoreline might be a disappointment, of what was once a whole sea shell for those sea shell collectors is a beautiful, beachy charm to me. 
My dad built the fire to last. It was a great fire! We all roasted our hot dogs, our Hebrew Nationals (the best hot dogs EVER). 
Here is the evolution of the fire. 
First, my dad lighting the fire...
It was seriously one of the best fires we have ever had. It was awesome. 
Brittney found a pile of abandoned wood, and there was this good sized piece in there. Brittney got to do the honors of throwing on the last good sized piece of wood (other than the three HUGE logs we rolled over) on the fire.
My dad found this neat stick to stoke the fire with. This stick actually had a handle on it. I don't know where my dad found it, but it was a great find. I was really impressed with this stick, because it already had a handle on it! 
I love going to the beach. Lincoln City had some good waves last Thursday. It is kind of a pitty that my dad didn't bring his surfboard. 
And I have to throw these in. I love making foot prints in the sand leading to the sea. 
Lincoln City is one of the best places to do that.
When it was dark out, my dad and I played Frisbee. I am not very good at tossing the Frisbee, not good at all... I tossed it into the ocean. I was worried it would't come back! It did end up coming back on the shore line and I picked it up, hurriedly before the tide took it back out. It wouldn't have been a big deal if I lost the Frisbee, but still, it's scary to me losing something in the ocean. 

This beach trip was one of the best, even if my mom wasn't able to come. That would have topped it off, having my mom be there, but a day with my dad and sister was great. It was a very fun trip. Lincoln City will always be my very favorite beach.