Hair Repair

Oh dear, my hair has run dry. What ever will I do? Easy, I will soak my hair in coconut milk. 
I have no idea why the ends of my hair were dry. They were terrible, and gross, and I could not understand why they were dry, I take very good care of my hair, I deep condition, I wash every so often with baking soda to get rid of build up, I use coconut oil and olive oil, I do the works of hair treatment. But, I found the ultimate hair treatment:
Coconut Milk.
It's amazing. 
This is my hair before the coconut milk hair mask...
A frightening sight, I know...
"yuck" for sure.
What you will need for the mask:
~1 16oz can of coconut milk
~3 tablespoons raw honey
~2 tablespoons coconut oil (melted)
~3-5 tablespoons olive oil

In a mixing bowl, mix all the ingredients together with a whisk. Whisk really good! Whisk really hard! Honey is sometimes hard to blend in, so that's why you need to whisk really hard. Dampen your hair, and towel through your hair so it isn't sopping wet. Apply the hair mask to your hair, and make sure to get it all in your hair. Wait about 45 minutes to an hour, shampoo and condition your hair, let air dry, and viola! Beautiful, no damage hair. It is the ultimate hair repair. 
While my hair was soaking in the coconut milk mask, I did some house work, I vacuumed, and cleaned the kitchen and did some odds and ends things. The hair mask kept dripping down my face, and it was quite bothersome, and a little bit gross.
Totally worth it though because my hair turned out beautiful! No more split ends, no more rough ends, back to my natural curly waves, and it's bounce. I LOVE this hair care solution. 
The magic of coconut. A coconut potion.
I love the texture of my hair. I had some coconut milk hair mask left over, so I put it in a container and I have more for at least three more uses. I am so excited to see my hair after the second use. 
These are my instagram pictures of my hair today...


  1. i am going to try this out! should i refrigerate the left overs??

    1. I refrigerated it. It lasts about 1 month and then gets moldy. So try to use it often. It's great!

  2. When using coconut oil for a hair mask, I've found that I have to wash it out three times otherwise I look like I've got greasy and flat hair!!? :/

    1. I'm sorry to hear that :( Maybe try using less coconut oil, maybe melt the coconut oil and put it on in liquid form. I used to get that too because I would use a copious amount of coconut oil. Another good way to incorporate coconut oil into your hair care regime is adding a little bit to your conditioner. The conditioner has some cleansing properties and cut the oil when it rinses out, but it will leave the moisture. I hope this helps :)

  3. What if i dont have a coconut oil? Can i use more olive oil??? Thanks so much for answer :)


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