French Green Clay Fanatic

It has been about a week since my last post, let me tell you... it has been a busy week! Last week was very busy for me. I finally have the time to blog and I have a list piled high of the things I want to blog about. 

Recently, I have been reading a lot of articles on French green clay, reading that is very nourishing to the skin. I decided to try it out (thank you Pinterest). I googled where I could find it, and Walgreens said they had it, not in their stores, but online so I had to order it from online, which is fine... it arrived 4 days later. I took it home and immediately started playing with it! I was so excited for it's arrival. 
My green clay is from Rainbow Research, and it is a high cosmetic grade... whatever that means. I believe it means that will tone your face and make it lovely... that is what Green Clay does. 
The first mask I made with my green clay was a simple mask made with two teaspoons of green clay and 3 teaspoons of cold water. I splashed my face with warm water before I applied it to my skin (to open up my pores) and then applied the green clay to my face. I left it one for about 20 minutes. The average amount of time to leave a face mask on is about 15 to 20 minutes. 
And after... I really love how soft my skin was after one use. To be honest, I have a small blackhead problem on my nose, and they were GONE when I washed the mask off. I feel like green clay is a facial miracle. It is used in major spas... I guess this is why... 
And this is with NO makeup on, just a color adjuster on the collage. 
On every site I read about green clay, it said you could do a 21 day detox with it, you can drink the clay! I didn't believe it... so I read more about it. I read probably 8 things on it and they all said the same thing. There are many purposes to doing the detox, It helps with ulcers, if you have have had an ulcer in the past, it helps sooth it. Drinking green clay can improve your complexion, helps sooth if you have heartburn, a stomachache, flatulence, food poisoning, abdominal bloating, you can drink it if you have a cold, if you have bad breath, sinusitis, a dental abscess, mouth ulcer, laryngitis, and bronchitis. It has so many other benefits, and I never knew that drinking clay would help all of that. All you do is mix 1/4 tablespoon (a wee bit more, or a wee bit less if you like) to about 8 ounces of water to 16 ounces of water. I usually just drink it in a mason jar and fill the mason jar up with water. 
Everybody was so worried about me drinking it, I had to re-look up the articles and read everything about the detoxing with the green clay to prove it to them that it is SAFE. 
I have only had it once to drink, but I think I will do it once every month. It doesn't have a taste at all... just tastes like water. 

I have been experimenting with different mask recipes, I love making facial masks. I recently purchased some plain Greek yogurt. Dairy is wonderful for your face... not recommending you throw cheese on your face and call it good, but I mean milk, yogurt, sour cream, cream, heavy cream, those kinds of things. 
I mixed together about 2 teaspoons of the plain Greek yogurt and about 2 to 3 teaspoons of the green clay with about 1/4 of a banana, I mushed the banana up and I mixed it in with the Greek yogurt and green clay, and added in an egg white. I loved that mix. 
I also did a plain Greek yogurt, green clay and a wee bit of water mixed yesterday. I have to say I loved that one more than with the added banana and egg white. All of my face masks are sitting in my fridge and I will use them all up.
There are tons of different facial recipes you can do with your mask. I believe you can even use the green clay powder as a face powder for DIY makeup... I will have to try that this summer as well.