Flavored Water~A Favorite

Instead of Kool-Aid, try a flavored water! There have been many words about starting new trends with my blog, but this seems easy enough and I have a ton of berries in the house. Every so often, I will post a new, flavored water recipe. Most will have detox benefits, the rest will just be something to give your water a little more oomf. 

A delicious mix that I have seen countless times on Pinterest has finally taunted me enough, I had to make it! A delightful refresher where the flavors of the ingredients play off of each other. It's marvelous and certainly quenches my thirst. 

here is what you will need
~1 lemon
~1/2 large cucumber
~15 mint leaves (more or less)
~Jug/pitcher to hold water

Just cut up the lemon and give the slices a slight squeeze while putting the lemons in the pitcher. 
Cut up the cucumbers and toss them in the pitcher. (If you want to literally toss them in the pitcher, be my guest.)
For the mint, the proper way to wash mint is to hold the mint leaves by the stems upside down, underneath the faucet, with the cold water rinsing the mint leaves. You don't need to waste paper towels to dry them off, because they are going to bathe in the water anyway. I always rip my mint leaves to release the flavor, and sometimes I rub the mint leaves between my fingers to release even more flavor. It makes my hands smell life mint. Toss the crushed mint into the pitcher. 
Fill the pitcher up with water, and put it in the fridge. Use when thirsty. 
Drinking out of a mason jar makes sipping flavored water (or anything) delightful. The only things I drink out of now are my Camelbak water bottle, mason jars, and my bear cup from Yellowstone. 
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