The "No Shampoo" Method

Lately, I have been hearing about the wonderful effects that baking soda can do to your hair. I read an article about what store bought shampoo can do to your hair and I wasn't too fond of what I have been putting on my scalp. For instance, shampoo dries out your scalp, stripping it of it's natural oils, therefore the need for conditioner. The unpronounceable ingredients in the shampoo causes build up. I have noticed that when I am using a shampoo for a long period of time, and then I wash my hair with a different shampoo, my hair feels cleaner. Thanks to Jude and the Walrus for pinning the best hair care routine, my hair is now free of chemical invasions. 

As Megan Lee Webb (Jude and the Walrus) suggested, go read the article first before reading on in my post. It will give you more details about what your shampoo does for you, and what it doesn't do for you. 
Of course, there are those shampoos where it says "all natural" or "organic", and I have only tried a few of those brands, my favorite was the Shikai Tea Tree shampoo. My new favorite is baking soda. 

Believe it or not, I use apple cider vinegar for conditioner now. ACV is made from fermenting apples, it is a mild acidic. It creates a circulation on your scalp and acts as a natural antiseptic. ACV is basically an all-in-one for hair, for instance it clarifies, detangles (no more buying "detangling spray", like that stuff even works...), it balances your hair's pH, and seals the cuticles (especially when you rinse with cold water), it makes your hair shiny, and helps recover the protein that is needed in your hair. 

Regular Arm & Hammer baking soda will do. Baking soda is a weak alkali of sodium compounds. With the help of baking soda, your hair will be free of shampoo build up and harsh chemicals with just one wash (but you have to keep up with the washing of course). 
Now, when I washed my hair with it, the very first time... I have to admit it felt much different than washing it with regular shampoo and conditioner, but after it dried, my hair felt so clean! 
The second day, through sleeping, shopping, and brushing a million times, it was still dry! Soft, not oily, and still very pretty. This is day 2 of the baking soda & vinegar method.
And today, it is still looking beautiful, not oily, and super soft! I love it! It has straightened out a little bit though, not as curly and wavy as usual, but that's alright. 
I am really pleased with the "no shampoo" method. In a couple weeks, I will post again about my hair's progress. I definitely want to keep this up. 
If you are wondering how to wash your hair with baking soda and acv, it's quite easy. In a squeeze bottle, mix together 2 tablespoons of baking soda and fill the bottle with water. Shake it up. In another bottle, mix together 5 tablespoons of acv and fill up the rest of the bottle with water. While washing your hair, scrub your hair with the baking soda hair wash, just squeeze and rub it in your hair, and rinse out with water. Use the apple cider vinegar as your conditioner or "hair rinse", make sure all your hair is soaked with the apple cider vinegar mixture and rinse your hair with water. 
I love my hair, and I want the very best for it... I guess I haven't been taking the best care of it with shampoo. With certain shampoos, (*cough cough* Garnier Fructis) my hair is so waxy from the shampoo that you can scrape the build up off with your finger nails! We got it once to try, and threw it out after I used it. 
This method is also cost effective! It costs $5 to buy baking soda and apple cider vinegar that will last you for months. It costs $7 to $8 for shampoo that will dry out your scalp... another $7 to $8 for conditioner that you really don't need. This method is best, and frugal! 


  1. How much water did you put with the baking soda and acv? How large was the bottle you used?


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