Sun's Up! It's Hot Out!

Last year, I saw these nifty, little, homemade things that involved freezing aloe vera! Of course... the ones on Pinterest look better, that's how it always is, but they work! That's all that matters. What I made yesterday was totally needed! My sister and I went out into our pool, and I got a sun burn. It's not a bad sun burn, but it is irritating and the aloe vera feels wonderful. 
Me and my sister in the pool on Monday. 
So, I stayed out too long, and I got sun burned on my shoulders, thighs, a little bit on my nose, and some on my stomach. Yesterday, my friend Tara came over, and we spent the whole day outside, in the pool. I got sun burned again yesterday! Sun burns are never fun, but hanging out with Tara was!
To help take care of my sun burn, I bought some aloe vera on Monday, and I made aloe vera ice cubes! 
 All you do is you fill an ice tray with aloe vera
Stick it in the freezer for a few hours...
Viola! Aloe ice cubes. 
These are the things I use for skin care in the sun:
Green tea mist, helps with sun damage. Coconut oil, helps with tanning. Aloe vera & Aloe vera ice cubes, helps with burns and cuts after the sun.
I just need to add some SPF to it. It's so hard for me to tan, so I shy away from SPF. Today, I'm not going to shy away from it! I am gonna use it on my shoulders, and my legs and my back! I don't want to put another layer of burn on my skin. I also don't want skin cancer... that would also be obviously bad. 
I am excited for my burn to fade into a tan, though. That will be nice! 
That's what summer is about! Sun Burns. ha.