Painted Drift Wood: A Beachy Craft

For months now, I have been admiring this craft idea on Pinterest. It's a great idea to beautify beach keepsakes and transforms them into wonderful works of creative art. Today, I am introducing painted drift wood. It's a lovely, easy project and I think you'll enjoy the color pallet. 
~Assortment of paints in any color you want
~Drift wood collected from the beach/river/lake/backyard/forest, anywhere there is wood.
~Paint brushes
~Water to clean your brushes
~Paper towel to wipe the paint off your brushes.

This project was such fun.
I painted a small stick first to experiment, and I loved the colors I used. I used a neon coral pink, with a pastel sky blue. I loved pastels and neon colors together.
And then moved onto bigger sticks, and the glitter paint. It was so pretty seeing all the colors laid out in front of me, the sun was shining and the birds were singing, a light breeze coming through the patio, and it was a lovely time painting the sticks.
The sun kept pouring onto the patio, and my neck and head began to hurt, so I moved from the ground to the table and I felt a little better up there. 
And then I finished my sticks, and they turned out beautiful. I loved painting them, and I love looking at them.
This was my favorite stick.
I loved this stick too because it had sparkly paint on it in a perfect place. 
The next time we go to the beach, I am going to collect a little wider pieces of drift wood, and paint little village homes and buildings on it. I love creative ideas like this, it's so easy, it turns out adorable, and you just made something beautiful that was once drab.