Outlaw's Pizza, The Good Pizza

On my trip to Yellowstone National Park, we stayed in a tiny town of the name Gardiner, Montana. Yesterday was our last day in Gardiner, and we decided to walk around, and see what the town of Gardiner had to offer. They have goft shops, saloons, bars, pizza parlors, galleries, rafting companies, a casino, inns, they have lots of little unique shops and places in the town. One of the places I enjoyed a great deal was Outlaw's  Pizza.  
We went there at night.

And in the morning to grab day-light pictures. 
Here is the sign that sits outside. 

Instead of ice cream, like my grandma and sister had, I wanted french fries or a pizza slice. We came upon Outlaw's, and I thought it would be a perfect place to grab a late night snack. It was. We opened the door and it smelled heavenly of pizza. You know that amazing smell when you enter an Italian restaurant? Or pizza parlor? It was just heavenly. The atmosphere was neat. The walls were decorated with old farm tools, and old western memorabilia. They have this wall that looks like a giant crate with slats in it, chicken wire lining the inside, and agate like rocks, kind if big agate like rocks filled the "crate", it was from the floor to the ceiling. It looked awesome. I wish I captured a picture of the wall. 

The employees were friendly and nice. The service was great. We ordered a pizza to go, so we didn't actually sit down and eat, but we looked around and it looked very casual and laid back. I liked that it took some time for my pizza to be made, that tells me they care about their product and want it to be great. If you take a while on my food, that means it will be good. They are taking the time to make sure it is perfect. 
And it was perfect. The pizza was delicious. I ordered a small pizza, the kind of pizza I ordered was called The Outlaw. It has pepperoni, ground beef, green peppers, onions, bacon, and fresh tomatoes on it. I skipped the onion, beef, and peppers. It was the best pizza. I've had some good pizza in my life, and Outlaw's Pizza pizza topped it all. 
The bacon was crispy (how I love it), the pepperoni was perfect, with it's little spicy bite, and the tomatoes added a bit of freshness to the meal. The pizza crust wasn't burnt (which I hate when the botton of the pizza is burnt), the crust wasn't too thin, it was a great base to the fabulous pizza. I wish I lived in Gardiner, MT, or at least near by so I could eat at Outlaw's Pizza all the time. I was very much impressed. 

I wrote on a comment card that I would be giving them a great review on my blog, that was just from the awesome atmosphere, and the heavenly smell of the pizza. Their pizza is fantastic! When I come back to Montana, I am making a special trip back to Gardiner just so I can eat at Outlaw's Pizza (and go to Yellowstone National Park again). 
So, if you are in or near Gardiner, MT, go visit Outlaw's Pizza. It's the best pizza around (in my opinion). 


  1. do you happen to have any pictures of the gallery sign by this pizza place in the same mall?

  2. do you happen to have any pictures of the gallery sign by this pizza place in the same mall?


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