Saturday, July 6, 2013

Off to Yellowstone We Go!

Today is the day! We leave for Yellowstone National Park! I have been preparing for weeks for this trip, and it's finally here! Yesterday, my mom and I went and got me some new luggage. We bought a huge piece of luggage, it is a duffle bag on wheels, and it's pink! Of course I love it. It's huge. I could probably pack my whole wardrobe. No joke. We also bought snacks for the road since we are driving to Yellowstone. Since I like to blog a certain way, that is, on the computer... I probably won't be blogging as much this week. I might post some pictures for a sneak peak, or I might journal if I'm inspired by something. I took some pictures of my huge suitcase, and my road snacks, and my road bag. I can't believe how big my suitcase is! I do love it though. It will come in handy for bringing back souvenirs, and of course for other big trips too. When I get back, I will do a "Packing for Yellowstone in July" post. I wanted to do that before, but this past week has been so busy. It will be better when I get back anyway because I'll know the ropes. The two pictures below are of my road trip/vacation essentials and of the location I am at right now, the Columbia River Highway. 
(I'm really excited!) 

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