Iced Coffee Delight

Big fan of iced coffee right here. Freshly brewed, super strong (enough to make your heart leap out of your chest), and a smidgen of almond milk. I was looking through pinterest (as always) and I found this iced coffee recipe rendered by Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. I altered her recipe, using the same ideas and such, but not exactly her recipe. I do know how to cold brew now, and I have to say that is a delightful way to make iced coffee. 

There 7 are simple things that you will need... 
~coffee of your choice
~2 bowls or containers
~some type of paper/cloth filter
~a cup/ or mason jar
~creamer of your choice (optional)

Now, cold brewing is kind of a long process, a 12 hour process. Ree Drummond's recipe says 8 hours, but I like mine REALLY strong. You can do it for how ever many hours you'd like above 5 hours. So, I what I did was I scooped about a cup of coffee grounds into a glass bowl, you can do more coffee grounds, you can do less. It all matters on what your body and taste buds can handle, and of course what you prefer. The next step is to add water, now I didn't fill the bowl with water, but I filled it half way. You can decided on the amount of water. Now, cover the bowl with tin foil or some kind covering and put it in the fridge for up to 5 hours or more. I cold brewed my coffee over night, so this morning I took it out of the fridge. Now, the next part is easy. Take a second bowl or tub and cover it with cheese cloth (boy, I wish I had that) or a single layer of paper towels. I took a single layer of a single paper towel and I made a filter out of that (pictures below), I ladled the coffee + the grounds into the paper towel, holding it over the second tub and let the coffee filter. I went through a bunch of different ideas to figure out how to filter into the tub without the grounds. My solution takes a little bit of time, but it is done with care. Once you are done filtering the coffee, pour the coffee into an easy-pour container and pour yourself a nice cup of cold brewed coffee and don't forget the ice!
Here is a collage of the process.
Steps numbered, and left to right...
As Ree Drummond says, it really is the "perfect iced coffee". 
Now, I am one that actually likes the taste of coffee, so I just add almond milk to it (stopped drinking dairy milk months ago), and everything is better in a mason jar right?
I love the way milk or creamer swirls it'self in coffee. It's coffee art! 
It's lovely.
I used a brand called Cascade coffee. It's a self grind coffee, and I mixed two kinds, a regular kind and a caramel kind. All I needed was milk. 
It's a beautiful mixture, and it's a beautiful taste.