Highway Happiness

I have always loved road trips ever since I was young. The roar of the highway road under the road is a lullaby to me. My favorite part of road trips is going past fields of green alfalfa, or some type of crop. There is something about the wide open space that I love. The way sky is so open and the clouds are exposed, no buildings to hide their absolute beauty. I posted on Instagram a week ago, I posted a picture of a field with silos and a beautiful layering of clouds over lapping a blue sky, and I said that someday, I wanted to live near the highway. Living near a farm, or a field where I can pick and buy fresh veggies and fruit every week. Far enough from the highway where my dogs or future children  can run around without getting hurt (of course I'd have a fenced backyard). Also, when I have children, I'm taking them on fun road trips like my parents and grandparents took me on. It's better than flying because you can actually see the sites, view points, historical sites, and animals from the different states. My sister, Brittney kind of makes fun of me because I tell her I'm going to make educational, activity booklets for my kiddos when we go on road trips, and get them educational and scientific learning toys. All of those things are so fascinating to me, and I hope my children feel the same way. Always up for learning something new. That's why I love road trips. To compare road signs in different states, scavenger hunts on trips, finding different license plates from the states, and a new project I am excited for: getting a USA magnetic board, and buying the magnets from the states we have been to, and building our own USA map. I'm so inspired by the trips I go on, excited to show my future children all the interesting things that dwell around them, and teach them about our Nation's history. Road trips are great for that. What good is a plane going to do? Unless you need to get somewhere fast, the highway is the right way. 
Another great thing about road trips is you can find new places to eat that might not be in your home state or city. I always avoid the common places like McDonalds, Taco Bell, Subway. I did go to a Panda Express on this trip, but the town of Kennewick didn't have much, and we were hungry. I also went to a Starbucks, but I needed coffee and I love Starbucks (who doesn't?). We did try out little restaurants and delis in Yellowstone. We also found a place in Montana called Famous Daves. Apparently, Oregon has a Famous Daves, but I have never heard of Famous Daves. It was a fun barbecue place, and they served delicious food. (I will post pictures on the Yellowstone Trip blog posts later, and more about other food places). There are so many great benefits to road trips. 
Sometimes, you can meet other families from other states or countries and hear their stories or experiences. I love that about road trips. Either at a rest stop, or a food place, or even your destination, you are bound to meet someone new, and hear some fascinating facts or an interesting story. Sometimes, the people you meet could tell you about a neat, road-side attraction, and that could just make your road trip more fascinating and spectacular than it already was. 

Road trips are good for the mind too. If you are a dreamer like me, you day dream all day, no matter what you are doing. Road trips relax my mind, and I exercise it with day dreaming, or positive thoughts. Of course I think positive thoughts outside of road trips, but I'm at such a steady peace in the car, on the long highways. 
I really have nothing bad to say about road trips. Except if you are far away from a rest stop... I guess you could do your business road side if you have to, but that is the only downside to road trips in my opinion. 

Road trips also introduce you to new towns and states. It seems like every summer, I go to at least two new states that I have never been to before. Last summer, I went to four new states, and that was so much fun. This summer, I went to Montana and Wyoming, two states I have never been to before, and now I'm in love with Montana. I will always hold Oregon in my heart, but I want to see the US, and of course the rest of the world, but US first. Road trips show you the land up close and personal, planes don't give you that opportunity. 

I sound like I'm promoting road trips. I kind of am. I'm a road trip zealot. Can you tell? 

The best part of road trips is entering your home state again, and telling your family and friends of all the adventures you had. (Also seeing the different types of Welcome to... Signs they have in your state. I still haven't seen them all in Oregon.) 
  This is from Washington going into Oregon near Kennewick, WA. 
In just a couple hours, I'll be home. Luckily, it's summer and there will be lots of other road trips to take this summer. 

Happy road trippin'.