Celebrate Everyday and Celebrate Confidence

The stress and worry that everyday life brings can make one go absolutely crazy. I have recently have started to worry about my senior year. The summer is half way over, and to be honest, I'm really not ready to begin this next year of school. I'm not ready to deal with the stress of the work, the stress of the people, the stress that the clock brings about, I'm just not ready for that. But yesterday, I began to think about something very special to me, and I wanted to celebrate it everyday. It lead to me think about school, and years to come, the stress and hardships of every day, I have decided to wipe them away. This brings me to talk about my future. I plan to celebrate every day. Make something about every day special, and lovely, like make cupcakes, or grab a coffee, savor a piece of chocolate and look forward to it all day long. This year, I need something to keep my spirits high. My junior year was rough, losing friends here and there, the hardships the teachers brought upon, and the countless nights I cried over my school work. I don't want that to happen this year. My confidence will be of help to this year as well. Last year, my confidence level was shaved away, day by day, due the poor choice of words used by my peers towards myself, and the lack of care that a few human beings can show toward a single human being. I have had enough. Since the summer began, I have been telling myself that I am beautiful, I have been hearing it from others and hearing lovely comments and compliments from others that really boosts my confidence. 
Someone once told me that when I am confident, I am most attractive. I have finally taken that to heart and mind, and I am going to apply it to life. I am going to try new things this year, and be safely adventurous. Adventurous is fashion, adventurous in making new friends, and adventurous in school activities. I have written about this before, so I won't repeat myself. 
I am excited to start off the year now. Going to decorate my life, and celebrate every day, not as if it is my last, but since I have more days and a future to look forward to, I will celebrate it in joy of living. I will celebrate in joy, happiness, love, and peace. That sounds impeccably cheesy, but I don't care! It's exactly how I feel! I will catch myself when I am in a droopy state, and I will reward myself with a cookie, or a nice walk. Just celebrate every day! 

You know the saying, "Stop and smell the roses"?, I'm going to do that this year. I'm going to stop the rush of life, and calm down. I am going to explore streets I have never driven down, I am going to make strides in my life this year and once I graduate high school, I am going to be proud of those strides. I am actually motivated for senior year now. I was scared to death of it a few days ago, and now I'm motivated, I'm excited, I'm ready to make this year worth all the monkey business that high school really is. I'm ready to graduate high school, and move onto an improved life, somewhere warm, where the jets fly over the white sand. I am excited for my future. I am excited for the next hour. I am excited for tomorrow, for next week, for next month, for next year, and the years to come. I am going to make changes in my life, being the better, more mature person in the more tender situations. This year, I want to make memorable and have fun! This post has come from the heart, and I felt I needed to share my thoughts.