Shopping Trip

Usually, when I'm out shopping, I want just about everything I see. On Sunday, I went shopping with my friend, Tara and nothing was catching our eyes. We found a few things of course, but we couldn't find anything that we couldn't live without. On this shopping trip, I was trying to branch out of my usual style. My usual style is somewhat boring, jeans and t-shirt, or a cuter shirt with a sweater. Not super fashionable, but my style, it's what I feel comfortable in. I really wanted to branch out and be with the "in" style. To commence the shopping spree, our tradition is to grab a bubble tea from Braganza Bubble Tea. I love this beverage. I don't know why, but it's just really fun to drink. I usually get a blended coffee frappe with boba (the tapioca pearls), but Tara and I decided to try a new flavor. I ordered the blended matcha with boba and Tara ordered the blended strawberry with strawberry pieces. Both of the teas were delightful. 
Matcha is a type of green tea. I actually learned this in my tea-findings at Teavana. 
For some reason, food items always send us into shopping sprees with "good luck", it gets us in the shopping mood. This time though, it didn't give us much of a boost. We went into Forever 21 first, then Fuego, then Victoria Secret. Tara bought some perfume there that she wanted. We walked around some more, and we were tired. We decided to sit down and take a little break, and I wanted to get some food from Panda Express. We both realized that we were hungry, so some food would do us good. 
The orange chicken sold at the Clackamas Town Center Mall food court always tastes amazing. I don't know why... but the orange chicken sold at the Gresham Station location doesn't taste that great. Not sure why, but that's just how it is. While we were eating, this older gentleman was brought over to a table across the way, and was clutching his lower abdomen. He looked like he was in pain, and a couple of the mall cops came over to him. Another mall cop came over with an AED. Tara and I looked at each other in hopes of not having to do CPR. We are both CPR certified, and we would help in a heart beat (no pun intended), but it's always nerve-racking thinking about going into action. The paramedics arrived, and we finished eating. I hope that man is alright. I'm sure he is... 
The food gave us a little bit of energy, but still not much. There just wasn't a very good selection at the stores this time, and everything was priced incredibly high. Something that looked to be about ten dollars ended up being twenty-five, and for a simple shirt that you could grab up for about the price you predicted, or cheaper at Target. Just crazy. We did stop at H&M, and I found the perfect maxi dress! I had been looking on Pinterest Saturday morning, trying to get an idea of what I should look for at the mall, and this was exactly what I wanted. I was comfortable with the colors, they weren't too outrageous, the price wasn't too high, and it was my style, but out of my style. It was perfect! I decided to not buy it yet, but I would come back for it if I didn't find anything better. 
We were really disappointed with the selection on Saturday. The styles were all so mainstream, or way too popular. We don't want to be those girls with the mint and peach high-low skirts... every girl and their mother has that. We didn't want to be like that. We wanted to be in-style, but original. Wet Seal had exactly what Tara was looking for, a black and white, chevron stripe maxi skirt. She tried it on, and it was perfect on her! It was a great purchase. At this point, there was still nothing that attracted me, except the dress at H&M. 
We went to Love Culture and browsed around in there. The only thing that was exciting was the little photo shoot we did in there. 
Tara was on the prowl for some phone cases. She wanted to find a cute phone case. We went into Icing, Claire's, the little stores like that, actually... every store had iPhone cases. I wanted to check out the Disney store for iPhone cases, I have been wanting a Tangled iPhone case, the scene where the lanterns are up in the sky. Sadly, the Disney store didn't have that case, but they had some other cute ones. They had a Tinkerbell iPhone case, a Minnie & Mickey iPhone case, and a Winnie the Pooh Bear iPhone case, and a Monster's INC iPhone case! I had seen the Monster's INC iPhone case on Pinterest, and I fell in love with it. I wanted it... but it was $20. I'm not going to pay that. 
We went back to Forever 21, I finally found something! I grabbed it, tried it on, LOVED IT! It brightened up the whole shopping trip from that point forward. It is this light brown colored dress, with a brown belt. I loved the way it fit on me, and I had to have it! It was $22, not bad for a dress that includes a belt. I bought it! 
Great find! We walked around some more, and went back into Fuego. I found this book that looked really interesting and medical-ish. I wanted it, but again, it was so expensive! What is it with all these super high prices! My goodness... 
We passed by H&M, and I said, "Ok, It's time to buy the dress." We went in, I found my size, I went to try it on, and it looked so awesome on me! I was so excited. Throughout the whole shopping trip, I was begging to please let it work. I had tried on an army-green high-low dress at Papaya and it did not look good on me, I tried on a maxi dress at Wet Seal, again, it did not look good on me. I really wanted this dress at H&M to work out. I loved it the minute I put it on. 
I'm glad we went into H&M at the time we did, I had ten minutes to try on the dress and purchase it. The whole mall was closing at six, and we couldn't figure out why... until we realized it was Sunday. We forgot what day it was! That's what Summer is about, being care free. Oh, how lovely it is. 
I bought the dress, and we left the mall since all the stores were closing. Tara told me that A&W was selling $2 root beer floats. We left the mall (that was a chore... everybody was leaving at once, so we circled the parking lot at least 5 times, and ended up exiting out the back way. Goodness gracious), and drove to A&W. We decided to share the root beer float, onion rings and french fries. I'm normally not a huge fan of root beer floats, but that was pretty darn tasty. A&W's onion rings are always amazing too, but the french fries weren't that great. 
I drove us out of Clackamas and into Gresham because Tara had to exchange something from Marshall's. We shopped around there for a little while, and left. We were both tired. It was a fun day still! Spending the day with my friend, having a girl day, happy with our purchases. Tara and I decided that we would go shopping at least once a month. It's a great plan. 


  1. Looks like a fun day, cute outfits. Sarah and I love bubble tea as well, we love the apple jellies.

    1. It was a fun day, but a bummer that there wasn't a very good selection. Apple jellies? Those sound delicious! I need to try them for myself. Thank you for the suggestion.


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