Green Tea & Watermelon Popsicles

This morning, I was kind of going crazy. I wanted to blog something! I wanted to blog something new, exciting, summery. I came up with the idea of Green Tea popsicles with chunks of watermelon in them. PERFECT! I'm sure they are out there, but I have never seen them before. This is my own recipe, it's pretty simple. 
Made with all-natural green tea, I give you... Green Tea & Watermelon popsicles. 

green tea & watermelon popsicles
~2 cups water melon cut up in chunks (or how ever much you need)
~4 cups of green tea (again, how ever much you need)
~popsicle holders/sticks

First, brew the green tea. I hot-brewed my green tea first, and while the tea was steeping, I cut up the watermelon. I actually melon-balled my watermelon in chunks, and gathered the watermelon in a bowl for later. I prepared the popsicle holders and put them in the freezer for a little while, same with the green tea, I put the steeping green in the freezer to help cool off a bit. I waited like 15-20 minutes, and took the popsicle makers and tea out of the freezer. I poured the tea into the popsicle holders half way, then place 4-5 pieces of melon in the holders. If need be, fill up the holders a little bit more with the tea. Once they are put together, put the sticks/caps over the holders, and stick them in the freezer for about 4-5 hours. Remove from holders, and eat! 
Here are the instructions in collage form

I love how they turned out!
Super cute, and tasty. Also, a better base than lemonade. Last year, I made popsicles with lemonade as the base, and raspberries and strawberries for chunks. They were super tasty as well, but also sticky. These aren't sticky at all! They are perfect. 
With the left over green tea, I made a green tea face mist. I have been seeing it on Pinterest, and wanted to make some for my own. I will definitely be using this during my trip in Yellowstone. It works as a face smoother, and cool-down mist. 
It's really simple to make. 
green tea facial mist
~green tea
~spray bottle
Pour some green tea into the spray bottle. Pour a little bit of water in the spray bottle. Spray. Easy. 
In this picture, you can actually see the spray bottle spray. My face is interesting though...
The truth behind this picture, my face was soaked already. I had gone through so many tries to get a good picture and I finally got one! One with my face not looking pudgy... in some of them, my face looked pudgy.
I still have some green tea left over, so I think tomorrow, I am going to make a green tea mask. 
Green tea should be apart of everyone's skin care routine. It can prevent the signs of aging (too soon at least), and helps with wrinkles.  The green tea facial mist is perfect for summer because green tea can helps reduce sun damage! It also helps detoxify, and keep your skin clear and bright! Green tea is kind of a heal-all, because of it's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 
So, green tea is good on the inside and outside!