Sliding Into Summer

It's been a busy last few weeks since I last blogged. I had my birthday a week after Earth Day, had tons of tests to take, lots of projects to work on, I went out with grandparents, friends, my own parents, homework, and getting my senior pictures taken... Life of a student can get in the way of blogging sometimes. I decided to not neglect it any longer and tell you what I have been up to. First of all, I turned seventeen. Seventeen to me is a lovely age where you are in between a woman and a girl. I take it from the song by Diana Carter- Strawberry Wine. It's a beautiful song about young love at seventeen and drinking strawberry wine. A first case of love, and the beauty of being a young girl. It's a lovely song. I had a great birthday. Lots of birthday wishes, lots of great gifts ($$$$) and a wonderful discovery of stuffed baguette. I made my own birthday dinner because I roll like that, and I made stuffed baguette and turkey sausages wrapped in crescent rolls. It was a wonderful, simple dinner and the stuffed baguette was AMAZING. I am making that again, but next time I will make two: one with the black olives and one with the green olives. For lunch, mom took me to Bellagios and Starbucks in Gresham. Since I go to CAL, I get a long lunch. Bellagios has amazing pizza. I love it. My mom's friend, Carrie (my second mom) gave me this adorable apron. Like a coming of age for bakers and mini chefs when they receive an apron. 
You can find the recipe for stuffed baguette on Pinterest. I will post it on my blog in the future, when I make it again. 
It was a great day because I had no homework that day, and I made some yummy food, It was perfect. 
On Wednesday, the day after my birthday, I went to get my Senior pictures done. I am a senior spokes model for a local photographer. I have known her since I was 7 years old, and I have been in class with her son since second grade. I am one of three girls she chose to be a senior spokes model for her. A senior spokes model is a girl who is going to be a senior, and the photographer gives her a great deal, for any one person that the senior gets to go to the photographer, they get special deals, or certain amount of money off their prints, and the people who the senior advertises to, and if the people choose to go to the photographer, they get special deals too! My photographer's name is Debbie Booth, and she takes wonderful pictures! 
I had mine taken at Powell's Book Store. 
There are only two pictures up right now, but later we will be able to see the rest and buy them. I only had them done a week ago, so no big rush. 
I got these pictures done for my cards that I hand out to advertise for Debbie. I received those on Wednesday of this past week, and I have been handing them out like a fiend. Lots to teachers, lots to family members, lots to other students, lots to my friends, a lot of people already have photographers (bummer for Debbie and I), but I think I'll get a good turn out. 
These are the cards. 
Last Saturday, my Grandma Biggs took my sister and I out for breakfast on Freemont street in Portland. We went to this new little doughnut shop called Pip's Originals. THE best coffee I have ever tasted in my life. They serve these mini doughnuts there, and you can get them in the flavors of cinnamon and sugar, and raw honey with sea salt. It was a perfect little breakfast. 
We ordered a dozen half and half, and Brittney and I ordered iced chocolate mochas, I had mine with an extra pump of chocolate. 
 After we ate breakfast, we walked along Freemont street, looking through all the shops. The little shops on Freemont are simply adorable. I want to go back there because there was medical bag that I wanted as a bag for CAL, or a bag to take to the beach. It was so cute. For lunch, my Grandma Biggs took us to Grand Central Bakery and I got a sandwich. Britt and Grandma didn't want anything. I did. I got a turkey deluxe sandwich, and oh my... it was the best sandwich I have ever had. Grand Central has amazing artisan breads The breads are hand crafted and delicious. 
That was a fun day. The rest of last Saturday, my sister and I went to grab up flowers from her fundraiser, and then we tanned and went to Target and bought bathing suits. 
On Sunday, (I had a busy weekend last week), my dad took my mom and I to Wahkeena Falls. Brittney couldn't come because she had homework. Our family loves going up to Wahkeena falls. Some families go all out and camp, some families do water sports, our family drives up Wahkeena falls, goes on a long hike and BBQs afterward. It's our family thing. My dad and I hiked up to the falls and I got creative with pictures. My dad said to climb up to this rock and sit on it. So at first, I sat on it, then I wanted to do a yoga pose on the rock. I follow this one account on Instagram, they do yoga poses in crazy places! I wanted to a yoga pose in a unique place, but the only safe yoga pose I could do was sit Indian style and pinch my thumb and index finger together. Ommmmmmm.
I love going up to gorge, and hanging out at Wahkeena. It's beautiful. 
This past week was pretty busy. Lots of homework and meetings to go to. We are sliding into the end of the year, and the work load is getting crazy. I can handle it, I made it through sophomore year which the work load was so much worse. I know I'll make it. 
Friday, my friend Tara asked me if I wanted to hang out that night. I said sure and we planned this on a whim. The original plan was to go get ice cream and talk. We talked, but we didn't go get ice cream, we went all over Troutdale! We started off at Jamba Juice and walked around the little store village there, and then drove all around Troutdale. Without Tara, I would have gotten so lost! We worked together to get where we needed to go and ended up having a blast! We learned that we had a lot of similarities. It was so great getting to know her better. 
Saturday morning... the early, early hours of the morning. At 3:00 AM, the family woke up to take my little sister to the airport for her Washington DC trip. Wow... I can't believe she is almost a freshman in high school, I can't believe she is Washington DC right now. At 3:00 AM, we were getting ready to go to the air port and I had only been in bed for about four hours. I was tired all day yesterday, but it was worth it! I love the airport setting. It is so much fun, and I wish I was going again. That trip was the best time for my class. It's so sad that we have split apart and are no longer friends. I am friends with very few people from my 8th grade class. We have known each other longer than we haven't known each other and I guess we just didn't click after we graduated from 8th grade. Oh well...
This is my sister and I at PDX. 
Today, Britt is at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, having such a fun time. 
I am in Oregon, about to start a whole bunch of homework, wishing I was an 8th grader just for this week. I want to go back to DC, definitely. There is so much that I didn't see while I was there in 2010. My sister will have so much fun. 
Also yesterday, I decided to start eating healthier. I have been on a health kick since January. In January, I was really strict about it, and I have been slacking. In the month of April, I ate way too many sweets. I need to stop that, and start eating healthier. I had a great breakfast this morning, granola, almond milk, banana slices, and plain oatmeal. It was great! 
I think I am going to keep a journal of what I eat and then blog about my experience. Clean eating, here we go again! Happy to. 
So, there you are. Those are the reasons I haven't been able to blog in the past few weeks. I will try and blog more often, and during summer, I will have lots of time to blog. 
Enjoy this cloudy Mothers' Day. Happy Mothers' Day!