Playing With Food: Dying Pasta Noodles

This is the start to a series I am doing called "Playing With Food". You know how when you were little, you would fling your peas off your spoon, and try to hit a certain target? Or pretend your spaghetti noodles were worms covered in alien guts? Your parents would tell you, "Stop playing with your food." Well, the food I bring to the table in this series is great to play with and or eat! A couple weeks ago, I was browsing my instagram, as I do on a daily basis, multiple times a day. I stumbled across this one picture of this children's blog and they were dying pasta! I thought it was so clever. I looked on Pinterest for a 'How To', and most of them said it needed alcohol. I didn't think that would be okay to eat after, because I wanted to boil the noodles and make a pasta salad with cool colored noodles. I googled how to dye pasta with vinegar and it is super simple! The process went by so fast, but my noodles are still drying. I took a lot of result pictures, and during pictures, but I didn't really take 'step by step' pictures. Perk: My hands weren't too terribly stained.

               pasta dying 
   ~Different shaped noodles
   ~Latex gloves
   ~Plastic 'sandwich' Ziploc baggies
   ~Food coloring (lots of it)
   ~White vinegar (About 2 cups)
   ~Paper towels
   ~Large garbage bag or tarp

I am going to a step by step instruction with this. It is quite simple. Take some noodles, like 12-15 larger noodles (large bow tie noodles) in one bag, and take a handful of smaller noodles put them in their own separate bag. Put a good amount of vinegar in the bags, don't fill it up, or drown the noodles, but enough to coat all the noodles with some left over. In each separate bag, squeeze food coloring in the bags (10-15 drops... or more if you want a deep color). I used up a whole bottle of blue today. 
Shake the bags, and make sure that the noodles are all evenly coated. I let them sit in their bags for about 30 minutes. I drained the food coloring/vinegar mixture out of the bags into the sink (be careful! it splatters) and pour the pasta onto paper towels to let the pasta dry. Place the paper towels that hold the noodles on a tarp or a garbage bag. Put them in a place that they can dry. 

The food coloring on the bags made a really cool picture. 
I did the colors purple, red, blue, green, and orange.
The purple turned out to be black though... that was a little sad. 
With pasta dying, there are lots of things that can be done afterward. If  you dyed them safely, you can eat them. I haven't tested if the color comes off when they are boiled... I really hope the color stays. I am having doubts. 
Most people make pasta noodle jewelry, or they glue it to a picture frame or ornament. I wanted to be able to eat it. That's why I did it with vinegar. I may just change my mind and use it for tomorrow's Earth Day projects. On Sundays, my cousins come over. Since Earth Day is on Monday, I thought it would be fun to celebrate Earth Day tomorrow. I have tons of projects and crafts lined up. Tons of fun desserts and activities. It is going to be a blast. I am definitely going to post it on the blog. I will do some fun stuff on Monday, actual Earth Day, but tomorrow is when I am going to make the crafts out of recycled things, and that may be a place for my noodles. That might actually be the perfect place for my noodles.
It was a pretty fun project for me. They are almost dry! It takes a while for them to dry. I would wait 12 hours before doing things with the noodles. Make sure you wear latex gloves while they are still wet!
I think they look beautiful! 
pasta dying.