Latest Instagram Pictures and A Venting

Just a few of my latest Instagram pictures. Yesterday was a such weird day. I had major lower abdominal pain all morning and afternoon, a wee bit toward the evening. School seemed long, it was hard to pay attention because I was distracted by my pain. Med Term frustrated me because we were told the wrong supplies to bring for a project by our regular Med Term teacher, but we had a substitute yesterday, and our substitute is the creator of the project, and all the supplies we were told to bring were insufficient. It was really frustrating because I wasted so much colored ink to print off the blood cell pictures. We were also missing some supplies that we were supposed to have, like a ruler would have been nice yesterday, I would have brought one if I knew to bring one. A lot of frustrating things. The in English, we had a substitute (2 substitutes in both of my CAL classes yesterday) and we took a quiz on something that our regular English teacher said to JUST read. She never told us to study it, she never told us we had a quiz. It gets frustrating when it seems I can never measure up in school. Like I work hard, I spend a lot of time on projects and homework, and I totally wasted two hours Thursday night printing off colored blood cells, thinking they were needed, when really they aren't. I wasted precious time, and colored ink (which is very expensive). It just makes me mad. I decided that after school I would grab a Dutch Bros. I grabbed a large carmelizer with an extra shot of chocolate. Big mistake. It tasted delightful, but the after effect was horrible. It numbed my stomach, so I didn't feel like eating for a while. I was jittery, and felt weird the whole evening. It was a terrible, awful, awful feeling. I also wanted brownies after school. The brownies had marshmallows and junk in them, I like regular brownies. I didn't end up eating until 9:30 last night... And I love my dad's cooking, but it tasted the same as all his other dishes. There always has to be sauteed bell peppers and tons of onions and then it makes the house smell like onions and I am tired of sauteed, soggy vegetables. I like raw vegetables. I like steamed vegetables. I am tired of sauteed vegetables. I was tired of the day. I went to bed, tired of the day, and it was so hot last night. I didn't go to bed til 3:00 AM this morning. I am not tired this morning. I am going to detox yesterday out of me, and I am going to have a great day! And from now on, I will get decaf. Why haven't I learned I am very sensitive to caffeine. Never again. So, here is to a great day today! Lift the tea tumbler in the air, toast to a great day of health. I hope you enjoy my pictures!