Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

In the Easter spirit, and seeing so many people dying eggs on Instagram, I decided to go ahead and do it. I didn't really want to dye eggs this year, but I remembered last year I wanted to naturally dye the eggs, but we already had the egg dying kit, so we just used that. This year, dying eggs came out of the blue and it was a spur of the moment thing. I 'googled' how to naturally dye Easter eggs, and it was so simple! It is very simple! 

I used blueberries (worked), strawberries and raspberries (didn't work), TAZO Passion tea (didn't work), TAZO Wild Sweet Orange tea (didn't work), Cayenne pepper and cinnamon (worked), Tumeric (worked), Kale and wheat grass and green tea (worked), and Onion skins (worked). I was disappointed that some of the things I tried out didn't work because they are such pretty colors and they would have been beautiful on the eggs. Next year, I will figure out how to get pink colors, maybe I will use beets. That will probably, definitely work. 

So, how do you get the color out of the fruit? You boil it. I used a half cup of blueberries and put them in a pot of water and boiled them for ten minutes. 
It started to look like this toward the end of the ten minutes.
You do the same with the other fruits/veggies you want to use to dye your eggs with. If you want to use other things, such as tea (strong colored tea), you can brew it in vinegar. It's technically not 'brewing', but the color comes out in the vinegar and it is very vibrant. Or if you would like to use spice powders such as cayenne pepper or tumeric, garlic powder even, you use vinegar. 
I went outside to dye them because it would be really messy to do this inside, plus, it was such a nice day out, with the sun setting. It was a beautiful evening. I set up camp. I laid out a tall garbage sack, and placed the coloring containers with the coloring in them on the garbage sack. 
I used a cupcake tin for an egg holder. 
I was really pleased with some of the colors! 
Onion skins...
Blueberry, I was really pleased with blueberry and the turn out. 
These are the ones that worked AWESOME on the eggs. It took a little while for the eggs to soak up the color and stain
but it was worth it because they turned out beautiful. 
My favorites were the Blueberry
Onion skins
And Cayenne pepper with cinnamon. It had a weird effect on it, it made it all scratchy and cool looking. 
It looks awesome!
I am going to do a cute little photography session with them for adorable Easter egg pictures for my Easter post! I am excited for Easter. I am not doing too much for Easter, but I am baking a lot! That's kind of my Easter present. I get candy yes, but my mom and dad have bought me so many ingredients this week to bake with for my blog projects (I know, get a job right? In the summer I will! Definitely) But I am baking these funfetti cake mix brownies for Easter. They look delicious on Pinterest, and I am excited to bring them over to my Grandma Biggs's house. I also baked chocolate cake doughnuts tonight, and they will be on the blog tomorrow! They were super easy! 
Naturally dying Easter eggs is super easy, and really fun. It requires some patience though. 
Next year, I am going to experiment with different colors and see if they work better than the other. 
Beets are a must for next year. 
Happy almost Easter everybody! 
'Hippity Hop'