Vegetarian----SPLURGE (I ate meat today) Day 3.

Today, I broke my 3 day vegetarian goal. Actually, I made my goal! It was basically half of the week! But I felt guilty about eating meat tonight. You see, I had plans for going vegan all day long. I had a vegan breakfast, consisting of whole wheat bread, all natural peanut butter, soy milk, a whole apple in slices, a handful of blueberries, and a handful of raspberries. It was a tasty breakfast! Like I said yesterday, the peanut butter on the whole wheat toast provides me with enough protein to last me until lunch. 
I relaxed a bit after breakfast. I had my whole day planned out. Breakfast--check. Yoga, lunch, snack, and dinner. I knew everything I was going to have for lunch and dinner. 
After an episode of Gilmore Girls, I got dressed into my yoga clothes and took my daily yoga picture. I obviously like to document my day! This is still something to new me, I am very proud and excited about it! Have always loved yoga. 
I can't say that I had a good yoga session today... stress kept bugging me. A lot of activity all around me. It's hard to relax and do yoga when there is so much activity and stress around you. Maybe I should start doing it earlier when NOBODY is up. I love my family, but I also love yoga. I love my body too, and I want to care for my body. Yoga can help you live longer. NO JOKE. 
Good news is, I can reach my head to my knee with my leg slightly bent. Hopefully by tomorrow, I can touch my head to my knee with my leg completely straight. 
I also bought the full version of my yoga app. The full version lets me pick out 'beginner' 'intermediate' 'hard' courses of yoga. It's great! It let's me customize to what areas I want work in, such as stress, or stretching, your back or legs. It's great! So worth the .99 cents I paid for it. 
After yoga, I cleaned the house a bit. It wasn't really messy, or cluttery, just a pan here and there from last night's baking. A few notebooks here and there. I guess it was minimal clutter. Sometimes, cleaning is therapy for me. It helps me feel accomplished. By 1:00 PM, I started on my lunch. I made tofu chips, had my soy cheese on Wheat Thins, and some baby carrot sticks with my water. The soy cheese is so much better with something than by it'self. It's not so bad when you eat it with a cracker. 
Yummy lunch. After lunch, I literally peed six times in two hours. I did have two water bottles in that time period. I had four water bottles today! It's so crazy. It feels really good drinking so much water. I have a limit set. I can't go past five water bottles. I don't want to get sick from too much water. 
I ended up doing some homework .I always wait till the last minute. I try and put off homework. I finished the vocab packet and tomorrow I am going to do my reading of Huck Finn. I hate that book... it's annoying to read. Don't say that I don't have a good sense of literature. I do! I really do. I just like to be able to actually read the book without having to translate what I just read... it's different if it's in an actual different language... but this is supposedly English. Good grief. 
It felt good to finish the vocab packet. 
I had a little snack in between dinner... which was Teriyaki bowls. When my dad came home earlier today, he mentioned that he was making teriyaki bowls. I decided that I would just use tofu instead of chicken. But then I got to thinking, I am not fully vegetarian. I am for just half the week. It's good to have meat every once in a while. So, I decided to just eat the chicken. 
For my snack, I had whole wheat toast with all natural peanut butter, and a little bowl of cheerios. 
It was a good little snack. When my mom got home from the mall, she was rustling around in her room and came out of her room, tossing me some dark chocolate covered cherries. I looked at them for a while and decided to have only two. I made sure they were vegan... I wanted to keep up my veganism up until dinnertime. I was actually stressing out about it. I wished I could have kept the title "vegetarian" but I was barely that. Oh well. My title is "healthy" and I am proud to have that. 
Dinner came by... I was really stressing about this. Why was I stressing? Because I wanted to keep up being vegetarian... I was doing so good! But then I thought, awh... what the heck. My goal was to just eat vegetarian or vegan for half the week. I am doing really good! Meat occasionally is great! 
And  the teriyaki bowls were fabulous! I had a small portion. I didn't go back for seconds. It was fabulous. I did get the burning, acidy feeling in my stomach, but it was worth it. I am detoxing tomorrow with lemon water. 
For dessert, I had a little bowl of semi-sweet chocolate chips. My dad is awesome. I asked him to grab me up some semi-sweet chocolate chips, and he did. I am spoiled sometimes. We used to have chocolate chips in the house at all times... wonder why we don't anymore. I have no idea. We better start though! 
I researched the semi-sweet chocolate chips. I knew that dark chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate were 'somewhat healthy', dark chocolate helps your heart. Semi-sweet chocolate is soy free, gluten free, dairy free, great for vegans! 
I was so excited. I knew they were okay to eat during a vegan diet, but I didn't know they were without so much. It made me really happy! 
For the rest of the night, I was watching home videos of me when I was one year old. My first birthday, my dad holding me while he was in a rocking chair and I was 'reading' him a story. I was one... obviously I can't read. I was just holding the book. There was another where my dad is laying on the couch. I am in his arms and he is reading a surfing magazine. Then there was a scene of me in my room, still one year old, and I messing with some books and my kitty, Anya is lounging next to me. It was so cute. 
It was a good day! I ate a lot of stuff. I can't believe how much I ate. I was healthy though. I did well today. Through out the week, I am not going to eat meat. I am going to be vegetarian/vegan all week. It's going to okay. I have tofu for substitute. Next Saturday I will eat meat. Maybe. I have been finding awesome vegan and vegetarian recipes on Pinterest. I am going to make vegan chocolate chip cookies soon. I am really excited! I love eating healthy. 
While I was watching home videos, my sister and my dad were playing Bananagrams. My sister then freaked out, saying there were kittens on our back porch. My mom and I went into the dining room and saw the kittens at the back door. They were so cute. Just two kittens. Not tiny things, but they weren't adult cats. I wanted to get a picture, but they scurried off. They were little cuties for sure. 
Today was a good day. I was vegetarian.... vegan even for most of the day, and then dinner... ugh! It's good though. It's okay. 
I am starting to stress about school starting on Monday. I am not ready to start school yet. It has to come around sometime. It will be over soon though. I am counting down the days already.
I am going to research more on veganism and being vegetarian. Like recipes, and lunch ideas. It'll help me out for when I eat lunch at school. I am already seeing results! Feeling them, and seeing the results in my skin. I love this new regime! 


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