Vegan/Vegetarian Challenge--Day 4!

I have decided to give up meat for a little while. Not FOREVER!! But for a little while. I didn't have time to blog about my day yesterday, so I will do it today. I am a blogging on a Monday night, and I had school today! I don't think I have ever blogged on a School Monday night! Historical! Yesterday morning, I woke up and put on a Gilmore Girls. It was my last day of an awesome Christmas Break. I loved Christmas break! I relaxed and basked in my last few hours of freedom. I was really proud of myself yesterday. I didn't do yoga because my cousins came over, but I am going to do Yoga tomorrow morning. For breakfast, I had a piece of whole wheat toast with half peanut butter and half honey; a whole apple cut in slices; soy milk and a small glass bowl of cheerios. Not a complete vegan breakfast, since there was honey on the toast. So, I had a great vegetarian breakfast. Still delicious! 
I was a lazy butt, and didn't do yoga (like I said above), but I did sit around and watch Gilmore Girls until my cousins came over. When my cousins got here, I was re-designing my blog. Not major changes, but minor changes. If you are a regular reader, you will notice a different font, a wider blog box, a wider side bar. Little minor changes. My blog looks great! 
For lunch, I made teriyaki tofu again with baby carrot sticks and my water. I love teriyaki tofu, but I need to find more recipes to do with tofu. I think tomorrow for dinner, I will do a potato and tofu scramble. How yummy!!
While I was waiting for my tofu to bake, I melted some semi sweet chocolate chips, took a cookie cutter from the drawer and poured the melted chocolate in a mold. It was so cute!! So cute!! 
I also was sneaking a few tastes off the spatula.  I put the chocolate dolphin the fridge to harden, so that later I could eat the chocolate.
After lunch, I spent some time with my cousins. I played Hi Ho Cherry-O with my little cousin Isabelle, and made silly faces in my camera with my other cousin Raelyn, My baby cousin Raelyn is enthralled with electronics and technology. Anything with a screen. It's like jewelry to her!
I went to go check on the chocolate, and it was ready! Took me forever and a cracked tail to get the dolphin out of the mold. I broke the dolphin's fin. I was sad, but you can hardly tell in the picture. I shared the chocolate with Isabelle. It is just melted semi sweet chocolate chips. Thank goodness for cacao! 
A little bit after the dolphin, I went into my room to do my homework. I did some homework on Saturday night, thank goodness. I played and relaxed all Christmas break, and then last night, I had to pay for it. Ugh, oh well. That's what I deserve for resting a little bit. 
I ended up having a late dinner, some soy cheese on wheat thins, a whole orange cut in slices, and a great, healthier top ramen substitute. It's called Thai Kitchen! Top Ramen has 2,400 mg of sodium. Thai Kitchen has 480 mg of sodium. Still quite a bit of sodium, but way less than top ramen! And it's vegan!!
I also packed my lunch last night. I am going to start packing my lunch at night from now on. It makes the mornings way less stressful. 
Ever since I have been on this vegan/vegetarian diet, I have been eating so many fruits and veggies. In my Wreck This Journal, there is a page that you fill up with fruit stickers. I have added so many fruit stickers since Thursday! It's awesome! I am really proud of myself. I will blog about today's food tomorrow if time permits me. Right now, I have to sign off and pack my lunch, eat my orange, and then shower. I want to get to bed early so I can get up early and do my yoga tomorrow. 
I will blog more about the amazing vegan epiphany I am having tomorrow! It's a wonderful realization!
I am feeling so great! 


  1. All your meals look really yummy and healthy, very inspiring. The lemon water sounds refreshing, I have a whole bag of lemons waiting to make some. :) I was a vegetarian for two years and really enjoyed some of the vegan and vegetarian meat substitutes that I found in the produce department, even vegan lunch meat and sausages that I really enjoyed. It's fun coming up with different vegetarian recipes. I look forward to reading about your vegan Epiphany. :)

    1. Thank you April! I try to make them look good as well taste good. Lemon water is absolutely wonderful! I am trying to get in the habit of drinking it every day. So far so good. Yeah, my mom told me that you went vegetarian for a couple years. I have found some great meat & dairy substitutions to try out. I am excited!


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