Vegan Challenge---Day 5!

I have been COMPLETELY vegan since yesterday. Since Thursday, I have been meatless except for Saturday night, I wanted a teriyaki bowl. I splurged. But I feel really good! Being a vegan has been an easy change. There are substitutes for creamy things, like cream cheese, and milk and regular block cheese. Among other things of course. I am really excited and stoked about this! I am going back to yesterday. Yesterday, I blogged about Sunday because that was all I had time for. Today I am going to blog about yesterday (monday). Probably Friday night, I will have time to blog again. If I do blog prior to that, yay! I probably will not get to blog tomorrow. I will be working on a paper for Health Science. (yippee. papers...). So, leading onto yesterday. I had a simple breakfast: my usual: peanut butter on whole wheat toast, soy milk, whole apple cut in slices, and some cheerios. I ended up putting the cheerios in a bag because I didn't have time to eat them at home. I had to take them on the go. I wonder why I am not having very much time to eat breakfast now... before the break, I had plenty of time to eat. Now I don't. Very weird. 
First day back at school, I thought it would be stressful. I was expecting a review assignment, leading onto a test that would have taken place today. My awesome math teacher post-poned the math test to Friday! YAY! So, we had no homework yesterday (and today). I would have expected a pile up of homework! Same in Government. We took notes, and no homework! We had a substitute in French, so of course no homework there. I was really happy! I had no Barlow homework yesterday, therefore, I was able to blog! When I got to CAL, it was lunch time. Mondays, I eat at CAL because my mom isn't at work on Mondays. Usually I eat with her. For lunch, I had peanut butter wheat thing sandwich crackers, a banana, baby carrot sticks, and some cheerios. 
I really like the wheat thins with peanut butter. Kind of a sweet and salty experience. 
CAL classes were good. I saw my friends that I hadn't seen for two weeks! It was fun seeing them. Finished my homework in class, so that lead to no homework. In English, we had no homework assigned. WONDERFUL! 
After CAL, I walked up to my mom's work so I could go home. My mom usually picks me up there. In the parking lot, I found the coolest 'oil streaking'. I am not sure what it is called, but the oil from the car dripped, it had been raining, so oil and water and it creates a rainbow on the cement. 
It looked really cool!
When I got home, I relaxed a little bit. I basked in my 'having no work-ness'. It was wonderful. During my 'down time', I ate a snack of cheerios left over from lunch and was flipping through pictures on Instagram with the hashtag '#vegan'. I was grabbing up some awesome ideas for lunches and dinners. I found a really cool vegan veggie pizza, and decided to make that for my dinner! Before I started preparing my dinner, I cut up a lemon and put some slices and squeezes in my water bottle. I am going to drink three camelbak water bottles of lemon water each day. 1 regular water bottle for at school, 3 lemon water bottles for at home. 
It is a really simple, easy recipe. Take a whole wheat tortilla, spoon and spread some marinara sauce (meatless) on the tortilla. I shredded some soy vegan 'veggie block' cheese onto the pizza. I didn't have any pre-shredded vegan cheese, but I shredded it manually. I laid some spinach leaves on top of the cheese, then cut up some grape tomatoes and put them on the pizza. I put it in the oven at 375 degrees for 12 minutes. It was wonderful!!
The pizza was very, very good. I am getting really creative cooking and baking vegan meals in a house where everybody eats meat! 
I am glad every body is in support of it though. That helps a whole lot. 
I had to post this picture of my kitty. He looked so cute. His little toes,  you can see his little toes.
I love this big lug.
Anyway... for my dessert, I had a simple chocolate medley. Dark chocolate covered cherries, semi sweet chocolate chips, and three raspberries just for decoration. It was really yummy. I will make something more creative, like vegan chocolate chip cookies this weekend. On the week days, I don't have time to make something that extensive. A simple little bowl of chocolate will do me good. 
After my chocolate, I blogged and watched Gilmore Girls (that show NEVER gets old.) It was getting late, and I was typing really fast. When I blog and I am in a hurry, I am worried that the post will sound too rushed. I sometimes do that when I am bored and I am blogging. Bored of the post... or thoughts about the post not being ready to be written out yet, like the thoughts are in my head, but they aren't sounding very good on paper. I always feel awkward when I have that feeling. People will read those posts, and think, "Hmm... okay..." but I don't think that was the case yesterday. I finished blogging, cut up some oranges and snacked while packing my lunch. 
I was on a time crunch, yet again, because I wanted to get to bed early so that I could wake up early and do my yoga at 5:25, which I didn't do. Yet again. I think I need to do it at the end of the day. Only on days that I do not have school, I think those are the best days to do yoga in the mornings. 
I ended up drinking 4 water bottles yesterday. 1 regular filtered water bottle, and 3 lemon water bottles. I was so excited! I felt energized,  yet calm. Detoxed. I felt detoxed and I felt like there wasn't one toxin in my body! I think four Camelbaks is the perfect amount of water for me. Five is pushing it, six is just way too much water! I had a really good day yesterday! 
It was wonderful! 
Sorry for so many food pictures, I am documenting my experience on here and wanting to document everything. Journal my food. It's a good idea to me!