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Last time I blogged was January 13th. I wish I could keep up blogging everyday. I have been busy, and there have been things going on in the past couple days. I had finals, and we suffered the loss of a good friend. It's been very hard. I have the time to blog now, and I really need to keep up with it. I can't neglect my blog any longer. It's not okay with me. I am going to try to blog every day, or at least every other day, If time permits me that is. I have been studying for finals these past two weeks. It's been hectic, and stressful, but this week was my break. I know I just had a Christmas break, but I was given another break. Since I go to CAL, I only have three classes at my home high school. CAL gave the students a week off, so I only had to go to school Tuesday (we had Monday off because of the holiday). The other CAL students went to school Tuesday and Wednesday. I finished my Wednesday final last Friday, so I didn't even have to come in. It felt nice to sleep in and rest after massive study sessions. This week has been nice to have off. 
Also for the past couple weeks, I have cheated on my vegan diet. I have decided that I won't do a 'meatless' January. I am going to create a pattern. I will eat meat, and dairy sometimes, but mostly vegan. I am not a vegan, I am just eating healthy. You see, I wanted to try it out because I am enthralled with veganism and health food. I think it is all so fascinating. I have made some amazing meals, some raw food meals, and have eaten non vegan meals too. 
Tuesday night, I made an awesome ramen bowl. I stir fried some tofu in soy sauce, I cut up red peppers, cucumber, and tomato. I used a package of top ramen noodles and threw away the deathly spices that come with the noodles. Instead of the spices that came with the noodles, I drizzled olive oil over the noodles, sprinkled some onion powder and garlic powder on them and stirred it together. I put the soy sauce tofu on top of the noodles and then the veggies over that. It was super delicious!
Wednesday, I made a ton of things. I made sweet potato fries, a vegan coffee cake, and some carrot and orange juice. It was a pretty productive day. I am going to post about the sweet potato fries later so you can grab up the recipe. I don't think I will blog about the coffee cake yet, I have to perfect it. 
Yesterday I tried to detox all day. I did! I was proud of myself. I did slip up and eat pizza last night. It was needed. Comfort food was much needed last night. 
But yesterday morning, I detoxed, and had tons of fruit with my homemade juice. 
For lunch,  I made this amazing, messy, cucumber sub sandwich. No bread. I used the cucumber as the bread. I sauteed some tofu in soy sauce (it's my favorite), cut up tons of veggies, and squeezed a little mustard on the cucumber. It was amazingly good, but really messy.
It was a raw lunch.
I love raw food.
I have some upcoming DIY projects that I want to share. I have to get a few supplies before I begin, but I want to tell you what I am up to. If you are a regular on Pinterest, you probably see the tinted mason jars on there frequently. They are ubiquitous on Pinterest. Yesterday,  I ate the last pickle, and I got an idea to keep the big pickle jar, wash it out, keep it and later tint it. I have to get mod podge and some stronger blue food coloring. I am going to tint the big pickle jar blue, and use it as a drinking glass. 
I was really excited about that.
I love glass jars, and glass bottles. I think they give off a vintagy feel. My best friend MacKenzie has a big glass bottle collection. I love looking at it every time I go over there. I always think of the different things I could do with glass bottles or mason jars. I am mason jar crazed!
Yesterday was awful but it had some perks. My mom and I went on a huge fruit shopping spree. I had a great haul to take home. We picked up a couple pizzas for comfort food and some really yummy garlic hummus. 
We found this odd fruit, I have never heard of it, it's called a Persimmon. It's this tomato look-a-like fruit, with a blossom leaf on top. It's quite strange and I have never seen it or heard of it before. They were cheap, so we got one to try. 
We also grabbed up tons of bananas, tons of apples, kiwis, a papaya, some lemons, some cucumbers (which is a vegetable) and of the course, the Persimmon. I am a major fruit addict. 
It's a wonder how food can make us feel better. Certain kinds of foods can boost our moods. How if you are looking forward to a certain food, and then suddenly, plans change and you are no longer going to have that kind of food you wanted and were wanting for so long, it can ruin your whole day. That happened on Easter when I thought that we were going to have ham... and devilled eggs, but we had neither. We had pizza instead. Ha. The first time at my Grandma's house that we didn't have ham for Easter. It turned out okay, but still, it's a wonder how food can you make feel. I have been eating mostly vegan this month. This weekend, I am going to eat non vegan foods. I have to take a little break, just today and tomorrow and then Sunday, I will go back to my vegan ways. It's fun to create new meals that is meat and dairy free! 
I will post more often, and share more recipes and food stuffs with my wonderful, attentive readers! 


  1. i love Persimmon's!! They're my favorite friut ever!They are always so cheap, and they always taste so good, but I hate when the skin get stuck between my teeth!


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