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I was reading "The Road Is Home" blog on Saturday, and Nirrimi was saying how lately, her blog wasn't being the personal diary that she had meant it to be. That lately, she had been posting her fashion photography on her blog and not posting personal things. That's how I am feeling. I have posted personal thoughts and included personal thoughts in my other posts, but I feel like I could do better. Blogger has an iPhone app, and that is what I am using now to write this. I can blog anywhere! I just don't think that my little personal posts will attract people onto my blog. I think people don't want to read about that. Then again, people are interested. I have posted a couple posts about what I want to do in the future. My goals, how I want to live in the future. They are some of the most popular posts on my blog. They get the most comments because people care about the personal life of the blogger. I know that's what I like when I read blogs. Of course I like the recipes, the DIYs and 'how to's, but I like to know about a little about the blogger. This makes me feel at ease. If there are readers/bloggers like me, who like to read about the blogger's personal life (nothing too private, just little bits and pieces), then I have nothing to worry about! I can post every day in my free time. When I made my blog, I was inspired by my one of my mom's best friends, April, who has a blog. I love April's blog. I was so inspired to blog and bake, have my postings out there for people all over the world to read and enjoy. It was a big dream that I had in the few tiny seconds it took me to decide to create a personal blog like that. An everything blog, where I can post crafts, recipes, and trips, events in my life, fun outings that I go on. I wanted to share little bits and pieces of my life. I also have always wanted my writings published. I did finish my novel I was working on a couple years ago. I started my murder mystery novel in 8th grade, worked on it all summer into Freshmen year, finished it in October of 2010. I haven't opened the notebooks I wrote that book in since I closed them in October of 2010. I was discouraged by the hasteness I was feeling while finishing the book. The ending of the novel was so rushed, a few chapters were rushed and short. I had huge dreams for this book. I even knew the actors that I wanted to play the two main characters from the book if my novel was going to be made into a movie. I would imagine being invited on talk shows and I would travel on book tours, go on book signings. Meet all the celebrities I had dreamed and imagined meeting. I had a want for fame. I wanted fame so badly that I rushed just so I could finish it. After I finished it, I put it in my box under my bed and I have never looked at it or taken it out since then. I had a Tumblr blog in the middle of Freshmen year and some of the summer of Freshmen year going into sophomore year. I stopped blogging on tumblr. I thought it was stupid to reblog other people's pictures and words. They weren't my own. My tumblr blog wasn't even my own. That's when I found April's blog again. I knew she had a blog prior to that, but I found it again, read it, and was so inspired to make a personal blog with recipes, and craft projects on it. I decided to make one. I named it after my favorite country song then, "Barefoot In Blue Jeans", also I named my blog that because I love summer time, I love being in a good pair of jeans, jeans that are comfy and jeans that look good on me. I also like being barefoot most of the summer. I am such a hippie in the summer, I hardly wear shoes. My favorite summer feeling is when it is an early summer morning, the dew on the grass is warmed by the sun, my bare foot touches the crisp, green grass and it feels the warm dew. Or when there are summer showers, I like to get into my jeans, or jean shorts, grab a grungy t-shirt, and run in the yard in the yard, in the rain. It's one of the best feelings, especially when it pours and I am out there long enough that my hair becomes completely drenched by the rain.

I have trailed off way too far from the point of this post. The point is that I shouldn't take in too much consideration about what I think people want to read. I should care a little, because that is how my blog gets views and comments, because of interest factor. I would hope people are interested in reading about my personal things, or personal thoughts, because thay is what I am going to write about. I will still blog about my recipes and craft projects, and other things, but I am going to post more journaling posts.

Hope you enjoyed the little history of my blog :) I will start posting more.


  1. Great post, I always love learning more about the bloggers I read as well. Your novel sounds interesting, are you going to bring it back out and work on it some more? I love writing as well, and would definitely encourage you with your novel writing goals, I love a good mystery!!

    1. I think I will bring it out eventually. :) and thank you, April!


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