New Years Eve 2012

Happy New Year every body!!
I had a really great New Years Eve and New Years Day! I spent it with my best friend, and a bunch of my other friends. It was great! I went over to Kenzie's house around 5:00 and the party at my friend Jamison's house was at 7:00. Kenzie and I chilled for a bit. I wanted  to make a Great Moments of 2012 collage, so I started listing the great things that happened to me in 2012. I started at the beginning of the year and moved down. I was talking to myself and asked myself, "Did that happen in 2012?" and Kenzie says, "It was 2012 for a long time." I start to laugh of course and say, "Yeah Kenz, a whole year!" It was hilarious. It is now a joke that we were throwing around the whole night. I ended up making my collage in 2013, but it still the Greatest Moments of 2012. 
The greatest moments of 2012.....
1.) My sweet sixteen.
2.) Getting my braces off (before and after pictures)
3.) My Uncle's wedding.
4.) Las Vegas
5.) Grand Canyon
6.) Getting my license.
7.) New Years 2012
8.) New Years 2012 picture with Kenzie. 
We headed to Jamison's house and we brought a ton of clothes. It's always good to be prepared. We brought sweatshirts, jackets, I brought jeans and Kenzie brought sweats. We brought extra shoes and I brought gloves, Kenzie brought a hat. We were prepared for the cold, and it was 28 degrees. It actually fluctuated through out the night, from 28 to 30. It didn't snow though. It was below freezing, but it didn't snow. (Sad face). We ended up playing a dancing game on the XBOX. Sadly, it wasn't Just Dance. It was a variation of it... a sad varaition of it. Kenzie, Jadee and I played that. It was pretty fun, and at first I was embarrassed to do it, but then I thought, "Hey, let's just live life. If you sit back all the time, and never come out of your shell, then you will never have stories to tell!" I just gave the longest definition of YOLO. We later played a game called Fugitive. I had played it prior to last night. We got all bundled up, played approximately 12 minutes... one round... maybe not even 12 minutes and then went back inside. It was just way too cold. You were out there for two minutes and you were a solid Popsicle. I am exaggerating a little, but it was cold. We didn't play Mafia with the rest of the group. A few people inside, a few people outside. I didn't want to freeze. Kenzie and I took buddy shots. 
 ....Oh goodness... our faces are so attractive.
Then, Jadee came back inside from playing Mafia. We also took buddy shots and Jamison took a picture of all three of us. I love these girls! I stuck close by them New Years Eve and at Zoo Lights. They are fun girls. 
It was fun. We snacked through out the night, attempted to watch the ball drop on Dick Clark's Rockin'  New Years Eve... but people were more concerned about a 'dance party'... so they had music blasting over the TV. It didn't even need to blast over the TV, because it was muted. We wanted to watch it!  Soon, the countdown came. As soon as it reached 12:00, everybody was rushing outside. Fireworks! I saw them on the counter and was really excited. 
I took some really cool firework pictures, if I do say so myself.... and I do.
I put them in a collage so I don't have a million firework pictures to upload.
And Kenzie and I took a New Years buddy shot outside. A big New Years best friend Hug! 
We all went back inside and talked with Jadee and Jamison until Kenzie's dad came to get us. We said our good byes and our 'Happy New Years!'. In the truck on the way to Kenzie's house, I made the 2012 recap collage and the New Years 2012 recap collage. 
New Years 2012 Recap:
It was a great night! When Kenzie and I got home, we watched stand up comedy until we went to bed. Our favorite is Anjelah Johnson, "That's How We Do It." 
It was a wonderful, safe New Years Eve and that is how it always should be.