New Years Day 2013

I woke up at 7:23 yesterday to this beautiful sunrise. It was gorgeous. There was a dusting of snow on the ground, and an orange-pinkish haze faded from blue in the sky. It was so pretty. As the sun rose, I took more pictures. Kenzie's room is situated perfectly. She has this window that overlooks a field and has a view of Mt. Hood. WOW! I love that view. In the summer, you don't even need to turn on the light until the night time, it is so bright in there! But it was kind of blinding bright in there, so Kenzie put a sheet over the window. Before she covered up the blinding sun, I took a picture of the early sun rising. 
We both were awake, and watched one stand up comic do his bit. It was way funnier in the end. Sometimes you have to watch through the boring stuff to get to the good stuff. We got got our breakfast after that, and it was a wonderful spread of microwave pancakes and toaster French toast and strawberries. It was pretty delicious! 
We wanted to watch Anjelah Johnson again, and so we did. It's hard to eat and laugh at the same time, in fear that I might choke.
After Anjelah, we watched a really funny gal, her name is Debra Digiovanni. I had to put down my food. I was going to choke if I kept eating. I was laughing so hard at her. She does this face where she opens her eyes really big and she looks crazy. It's absolutely hilarious. Kenzie went outside with her dogs. I offered to go with her, but she said for me to stay. So I took pictures with her cat, and made a collage for Kenzie.
When Kenzie came back, we watched some more stand up. The next two stand up comics weren't as good. They were funny, but inappropriate, and they were just not funny.... I had to go pick up my sister at 3:00, so I said good bye to Kenzie and I went to pick up Brittney. We came home to find my parents watching a Bewitched marathon on TV. We stuck with that for a while, then Brittney wanted to watch some weird show. It's okay for a few episodes. I tuned it out by coloring the 'WARNING' page in my 'Wreck This Journal'. I did a lot in my Wreck This Journal yesterday. 
There is this one page that says to infuse the page with the smell of my choosing. I chose lavender, so I used the sample of shower gel I got from that Lush Beauty-handmade cosmetics. I drew little lavender on the page, and wrote in fancy letters, "Lavender", it turned out really cute!
I am still not done with the 'Warning' page. I am going to color the boarder and the color the 'Acknowledgements.' I am going to order some paints, brushes and gel pens from Amazon to make my coloring experience in this journal AMAZING! And for the colors to pop, to make the journal look AMAZING.
The day ended with a spaghetti dinner and a sad movie. Everybody's Fine. Oh, it was so sad. Had a sad ending, but it was sort of a bitter sweet ending. I did cry. I couldn't help it. 
New Years Day was a pretty great day. It was relaxing and I got to spend some time with my best friend, and my family. I did an awesome 'Wreck This Journal' project. It was a great day!
Happy New Year everybody!
May 2013 be as good as last year!