Instagram December Photo Challenge Wrap Up

Usually I don't wait this long to do a Photo Challenge Wrap Up, but luckily, it is still the beginning of the month, and December was only 3 days ago. I did an Instagram Photo Challenge from a really cute, fun blog called Silver Boxes. Stephanie's instagram is super cute too. I actually have a few blog ideas from her, some baking ideas, and projects. She has some awesome projects. This is the December Photo Challenge that I got from Stephanie. 
And here are my photos of December.
Just the photo challenge ones... I took a lot of pictures in December. 

Here is the link if you'd like to see all my Instagram pictures: 

I am doing a different photo challenge this month. I chose this one carefully. 
It's not from Stephanie's blog. I found it off of Instagram, and then googled the hashtag: #FMSphotoaday
It's from this really cute blog: Fat Mum Slim.
Chanetelle is from Australia. I can tell by the (.au) at the end of her link for her blog. And the word usage of 'MUM'. So cute.
This is the January Photo Challenge for Instagram:
I am excited to explore her blog a bit more. 
I love doing these Photo Challenges. They are so much fun, and it also creates a blog project!
Happy January everybody!


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