We look past what is fun, the events that are about to happen, we don't even look beyond, we look in front of that. The feelings we get. Sometimes they are focused right on the event or happenings. Sometimes we are nervous about the events or happenings that are about to happen. Sometimes, even, we don't look forward to the events that are about to happen. What caused me to write this is that I am kinda nervous about driving to my best friend, Kenzie's house at night. I know I should buck up, and just get in the car and drive, turn on the radio or my pandora and just drive. I have driven there in the dark before. I just need to breathe and drive. I started thinking about the times when we go over to other people's houses or parties, and we approach their street and I get little butterflies in my stomach. I have no idea why! That is the feeling I was having just now, a nervous, "butterflies in my stomach" feeling. I just need to breathe. In and out. It is going to be ok. I am a safe driver. I need to look beyond because Kenzie and I are going to have such a fun night! It's going to be a blast! I need to look beyond and think about how fun tonight will be. I need to not be nervous.

This picture is of Mt. Hood in Oregon against a beautiful sunrise.