Blogger Life

I have been keeping up with my vegan diet. I was vegetarian yesterday. I had some soup with a little butter and some heavy cream in it. I am only doing this vegan diet every other month. I can never live without meat forever! I like take a break from meat. I have been eating a lot more fruit and veggies. I am feeling better than ever! I have been drinking a lot of water. Four water bottles every day, lots of lemon water. 3 lemon water bottles a day along with a regular water bottle. My skin is clear, and everything is great! 
I have gotten creative with making meals too. I love coming up with ideas. 
Sauteed tofu and baby carrots in soy and teriyaki sauce & Roasted potatoes in olive oil and Italian spices.
Roasted potatoes in olive oil and Italian spices, whole wheat spaghetti and tomato sauce and tomato slices, with garlic bread and olive oil with balsamic vinegar. 
Those are the meals I was proud of this week. Thursday and Friday, I just made soup. Nothing special. 
Finals are coming up... I am starting to stress out. I am trying to not stress out. I have enough stress in my life and just because Finals are coming up, doesn't mean I have to stress. I am doing awesome in all my classes. Math... I am uneasy about, but I should be fine. With lots of practice, and reviewing, I should be okay. I just need to breathe, listen to some calming music, do some yoga, and relax. 
The week that Barlow has finals, I don't have CAL all that week. I get to go right home after my Barlow classes! I am so excited. I get to relax. I won't even need to go to school for some of that week. I only have three classes at Barlow. This is fantastic! 
Next week, I think I will make a vegan coffee cake. I am going to make my own recipe. All my own. Not transform a recipe from a recipe I find on Pinterest or whatever, but actually create my own recipe! I am excited about that. 
Nothing much has been going on in my life lately. I have blogged about most of the stuff. The important stuff. My meatless diet and somewhat no dairy diet. Mostly no dairy. 
I will try to blog more through out the week, but with studying for finals, and things, I think I will just wait till next weekend to blog. 
Anyway, this is the blogger life. Wish I had more to write about.