Thanksgiving Round 2

Sorry it is a little late on thanksgiving posts, but I only have Round Two left to do, and that is it. For Thanksgiving Round 2, we went over to my Grandma and Grandpa Biggs's house. My Uncle Randy and Aunt Aimee were there as well. The food was so delicious. We had turkey, homemade rosemary rolls, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, yams, stuffing, mashed potatoes, everything was so delicious. I took multiple pictures of my food, people may think it's weird to take pictures of your food all the time, but I don't think it's weird. I like to document my life. 
So delicious. I love having turkey for Thanksgiving. It's how it should be. Or a mix of meats, like turkey, and ham. Before we ate, we went around the table, and everyone said what they were thankful for. It was a nice. Then we sat down and ate, and talked. I am disappointed I didn't get a picture of the family all together, but I tried to get one of everybody sitting at the table. 
Wow! I turned out really good. I was worried it would be all blurry. Yay! I am happy. So, we talked about things in everyone's life. We told stories. It was a very nice gathering, and my grandma always makes really good food. Of course she does, she is a grandma and a mom. Moms and grandmas are supposed to make great food. Not that they are entitled to, because my dad makes great food too, lots of men make great food. Great... I just made myself out to be a sexist. NOT AT ALL... there will be a post later on that. I am still taking notes and finding information. I want my 'I Am Not A Sexist' post to be correct. Anyway, the dinner was great and yummy. 
After dinner, we cleaned up a bit, Aimee, Brittney and I taught Aimee how to use Instagram and she showed us a couple apps that I still need to download. The wonders of having an iPhone. (kinda priceless sometimes) :)
Then my grandma brought out the desserts. I had been wanting to eat the pies for a while, ever since I heard that there was a chocolate and apple pie, I was really excited. My grandma also made a  pumpkin pie and a crock pot devils food lava cake. It was pretty good. I had a little bit of each, I would have to say that the pumpkin pie was my absolute favorite. 
(This picture taken with my phone.... disappointed it is fuzzy because it doesn't normally do that...)
The pumpkin pie was my favorite, and the apple was my second favorite, the chocolate pie my third favorite, and the devils food my fourth. All was very very good. I love the taste and smell of pumpkin. It is the smell of fall. One of the many smells of fall. Such a beautiful scent.
We had to leave kind of early because Brittney had a Bible study she goes to. I left with my mom because I wanted to see my Aunt Shawna, Isabelle, Raelyn and Uncle Rob. The Bible study that Brittney goes to is right down the street from my Aunt and Uncle, so we hang out there while Brittney is at the Bible study. My mom, Aunt Shawna and I were all talking about different little gifts that we could make for people, ideas inspired by Pinterest. (Of course). I wore my Brass Plum yellow flats, and my little baby cousin Raelyn got a hold of them. She put them on, and they were much too big for her (I wear a size 7)  but she looked so cute in them. 
Raelyn always has a little fit when I want to pick her up and play with her, she will only agree to it if she sees the screen on my phone light up. If she is crying, full on throwing a fit, and she sees my phone light up, she will stop crying. It is actually funny! But the times I do get to hold her and play with her, I take pictures because she makes the funniest faces and she is a very cute little girl. Sorry it's fuzzy, I took it with the front screen camera. That camera is always a little fuzzy. 
We went home after Brittney came back from Bible study. I went to bed somewhat early because I had my friend Tara coming over on Saturday to work on our History of Cancer project. (Next Post). Thanksgiving Round 2 was a great day! Great food and great left overs. YUM! Thanksgiving left overs. 
My family is amazing!