St. Honore Lunch with My Grandma Biggs

A couple years ago, my Grandma Biggs, my sister and I found this really cute, French bakery, called St. Honore. It is such a cute, authentic, French bakery. Their menu is mostly in French, their breads and baguettes are artisan, French. They have delightful French pastries. They are delicious. I told my Grandma a couple weeks ago that we should go there for lunch again. She loved the idea, and we planned to go today. 
She picked me up around 11:25, we left and drove through the beautiful city of Downtown Portland. I used to hate going downtown. I thought it was gross, and grimy. I didn't like going down there at all. I love going down there now. Even just to people-watch. The people in Portland are... interesting. We drove on the Burnside Bridge, and passed the Portland, Oregon Old Town sign. It is a little fuzzy, since I had to zoom up and I was in a moving car.
This sign shows up in a lot of movies. Are We There Yet?, The River Why, Those are the ones off the top of my head. I am sure there are a lot more, but those are the ones that are on the top of my head. I love seeing that sign. It's such a famous sign and site in Oregon. I love Oregon. 
We crossed over the Burnside Bridge, and entered North West Portland.We had a tough time finding a parking spot, but once we found a parking spot, we hiked up the street to Saint Honore, and we got in there right away. Last time we were there, we had to wait in line. It was pouring down rain, and the line went outside! It was crazy. It was busy today, but not as busy. I ordered the Quiche jardinière and a cappuccino. So delicious. 
I took some 'artsy' photos of my cappuccino cup with my camera and edited them with Pic Monkey.
After we ate, we each got a pastry. I had the Opèra French pastry. I had a couple bites of it, and then asked for a To-Go box. I was so full from my lunch, but I wanted to take it home with me. Too good to waste, and too expensive to waste. 
I also got to try some of my Grandma's pastry. A Chardonnay tart with pears on top. It was delicious actually. I liked mine. It was delightful. 
Coffee cocoa pastry cake thing. So delicious and rich. I love Saint Honore. 
After we packed up and left, we walked back to the car, and drove it right next door to Saint Honore, to this little health foods grocery store. I wanted to look in there, because I love health food stores a whole lot. It is called Food Front Cooperative Grocery.
 I like the health food stores more than clothing stores. It looked like a cute, little health food store and it was! I had to take a look. We walked inside, and it smelled like a health food store should. We walked around, and found their pre-made meals in the refrigerated shelves. I FOUND MY FAVORITE BOTTLED TEA THERE! I love Tusli tea! Last year, we went to New Season's market and had lunch there. I got a bottled tea and it was called Tulsi tea. It was a specific tea, with basil in it. I haven't been able to find that tea anywhere! AND I FOUND IT THERE! It was awesome. Now I know where to get that tea. We walked around some more, they have a deli there, where you can have a freshly made lunch. Lots of choices. They had a big cheese shelf. A round-a-bout with lots of foreign cheeses. They had a small produce section, and I was obsessing over the bag teas they had. Found a Yogi Skin Detox that I am going to get. We went into the little wellness section and I shared my smarts about all the natural potions and lotions I make with the essential oils and coconut oils. It's really fun, that is what I am interested in. Making natural remedies with essential oils, coconut oils, olive oils. I like to be as natural and as organic as I can be. After we were done browsing through that cute little store, we walked down the street and found another cute store. 
Betsy & Iya. 
This store sells cute shirts and dresses. Organic body butters and soy candles. Jewelry and real leather satchels. Cards for any occasion, mini posters, lots of little doodads and knick-knacks. It was such a cute store! I love little boutiques like that, that sell organic things, and a little bit of everything. I was on the inside looking out, and noticed that in their window display, they had these hanging triangle things. I went up to them and felt them. I thought it was a triangle bead, marbled glass bead of some sort. NOPE. It was PAPER. I couldn't believe it! It reminded me of the cool projects that Anthropology makes for their window displays. I waited till I went outside again to take a picture of the window display. It was made to look like some bridge. The bridge in the window is the St. John's bridge. 
Such a cool craft! I want to make this!
There was also this adorable mini poster that I saw in the store. I knew the store probably wouldn't want me taking pictures of their designs, but I saw it outside of the store. I wasn't in the store... so I took a picture. It's this adorable mini card poster, it had a picture of Oregon in PINK, with a heart where Portland is located, and it said, "Oregon, I Love You." I have to have that someday!
After browsing a bit, we went back to the car. Thinking that we were going to shop around a little bit more. We couldn't find any more parking spaces! It was awful busy. I wish we could have found a parking space. I love window shopping Downtown Portland. Always a quirky, fun thing to see. Or a cute shop to look in. 
We ended up driving toward my house again, we were going to drop off Brittney. She had to get ready for another sleep over, since she had a sleep over last night. 
As we were going across another bridge, near the Burnside Bridge, I took a picture of Portlandia.
That is just one half. There was the other half of Portland on the other side. Such a great city. It has it's faults, but doesn't every city!? 
I love the city life and the country life. I am a suburb girl. :) Happy to be one!
We dropped Brittney off, and Grandma and I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to grab up some gifts for Brittney. We ended up finding a really cute Columbia coat for me... I don't get it till Christmas. :) I am excited!
We also went to Bath and Body Works for 5 minutes, then my Grandma dropped me off my orthodontists.
Now, I am at home, blogging away! 
It was a fun day, other than my intense head ache that I had all day. I took some ibuprofen, and my head ache has now worn off. Thank goodness. 
I love days like this! Busy days. I love lunch with my Grandma. It's always fun.
I can't wait to go back to the Food Front Cooperative Grocery again. That place was such a fun place. Next time my Grandma Biggs takes us out to lunch, we are going to go somewhere different. Another fun place that I will rave about. 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful outing, downtown can be so fun. :) The french bakery looks delicious, that reminds me of French club when I was in high school, so fun, and that cappuccino snowman- amazing!

    1. My mom has told me that you really liked French things. I love French things. Yes! The foam snowman in the cappuccino! So cute! I agree, Downtown can be a lot of fun and it was great little outing!


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