Cookie Bake at Grandma Biggs's

My Grandma Biggs loves to bake. During the holidays, she loves Christmas cookie bakes. She hasn't had a Christmas cookie bake in long time, and yesterday, she had a big Christmas cookie bake. Before we started baking, my Grandma served up some homemade quiche, homemade spiced apple cider, some huge green grapes, and some crackers and spreadable cheese. It was a very delicious pre-baking snack.
I had three mugs of the spiced apple cider. It was so delicious. I do love a great spiced apple cider, it tastes so tart, yet sweet. It's a wonderful, seasonal, holiday drink. 
After we ate, and talked for a little bit, we got cracking down to baking. I brought a snickerdoodle recipe, not the recipe on my blog from a year ago, but I decided to try a different recipe this time. I believe the ones I made last year were better than these I made yesterday. I should have taken the recipe from my blog! Oh well. Everybody brought a recipe to make. 
A lot of people showed up to the cookie bake: My aunt Aimee and her sister-in-law Laura; my Grandma Biggs's sister, Aunt Bee; my Grandma Biggs's friend, Sally; my Aunt Shawna; my little cousins: Isabelle and Raelyn; my mom; my sister; my Grandma Williams and of course my Grandma Biggs and myself.  The oven never got cold yesterday.
My Grandma Williams and my Aunt and cousins didn't arrive till later.
We were busting out these cookies! 
After we got some cookies baked, we put them in the other room on the pool table. This is the room that we put the finished cookies in, or finished whatevers we are doing. We do a lot of projects at Grandma Biggs's house sometimes. 
This is only the beginning...
And my snickerdoodles. 
Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I was using my phone for the camera. I had my digital with me, but I was too lazy to get it out. My phone usually takes great pictures... maybe that only applies to Instagram. Well, that isn't true. I have taken awesome pictures with my phone before... maybe it was the lighting of the room. 
At about 3:00, my aunt and cousins came over. My little cousin Raelyn was being a regular B-R-A-T. She does not like to be around me, unless she can play with my phone.... the technology didn't even work this time! Brittney took a great picture of her scowling. Raelyn will be turning two years old in April, so I guess we are getting a glimpse of the Terrible Twos. She really is a sweet girl, once she calms down. She is so funny, with her little faces, and now she is starting to say more and more words. It's really fascinating watching her grow up. 
This isn't her scowling face... but I tried to get a picture of her scowling face. She is just possessive of her sippy cup. 
Fuzzy picture because it was taken with the front camera of my phone, and because the lighting.
I so wish I got pictures of this... but my other little cousin, Isabelle was decorating the sugar cookies with my new Aunt Aimee. It was really cute! I know my Grandma Biggs got pictures of her decorating cookies, but I wish I had thought of it before. 
My mom and my Aunt Shawna had this hot chocolate treat they were making. My Aunt Shawna lives on and off of Pinterest, so of course she found this idea off of Pinterest. I live off of Pinterest too. :) It's a great site!
The idea: Mini candy canes shoved into a regular sized marshmallow. Dip the marshmallow in melted chocolate, and cover the chocolate part with crushed and candy cane dust. 
This is how they turned out. SO CUTE! I am so excited to use some in a hot chocolate.
It was a really fun day! We got a big cookie box with a large assortment of cookies, we got most of what we wanted done. We got most of the candy canes done, we will need to do some more later. The cookies turned out great! The cookie bake was smashing! :)
It was lots of fun!