Christmas Eve 2012

Hello all my lovely/ handsome readers. I had a wonderful Christmas holiday, how about you? I wasn't going to blog about my Christmas until my sweaters came, but I decided I can do an Extended Christmas post. You see, we ordered my sweaters a few weeks ago, and they still aren't here. I only got to open two presents Christmas eve because they weren't here. I got my Miss Me jeans, which are quite spendy, so that was a great gift. All morning, on Christmas eve, I was baking cookies. Since I don't have a job, and I am broke, I always give cookies because that is what I know. I love making cookies for people, and Christmas cookies are always a great gift. THEY WILL GET EATEN SOMEHOW. 
Anyway, now that is after Christmas, I am so not so broke anymore. $$$$ Anyway... later Christmas Eve, my family got ready to go and we headed to Northwest Portland! For a couple years now, my family has been going down to Northwest Portland, looking around at the shops, going to Moonstruck Chocolate CO, and getting a treat. This year, we did just that. We walked down the street from our car, and there was this horse... a sculpture of a horse. It was painted frilly and elaborate. Hippie horse.
I spent a lot of time trying to get good angles of the horse. I think I did well, back side & front side. A mediocre photograph.
We came upon this one store. Lush Beauty. It's a place full of homemade cosmetics and soaps, facial cleansers and masks, shower gels and shampoos, makeup and lotions, any kind of beautifying thing is there, homemade and some of them are vegan! 
Of course, that caught my eye... or ears.
They gave us each a shower gel sample. I picked out Twilight, which has NOTHING to do with the Twilight saga. It is a lavender shower gel. It smells so fresh!
I am excited to try it! I haven't yet tried it, I just smelled their sample in the store. They also have MASKS! I believe I said it above, but that is what was most impressive. Of course their masks are not vegan because they contain egg. I love putting egg on my face, the egg is what makes the face mask harden on your face. It also has benefits to it, like moisturizing and smoothing, but egg has many benefits for your face. There was this one mask that I really wanted, called the Cosmetic Warrior. It is made with garlic and it helps improve your skin. The girl said that it was really nice mask. I am excited to purchase it and do a review on it. They also had a cocoa mask, they call it Cupcake. I have made a cocoa mask before, and actually it is on my blog! It looked a little creamier than mine, but still. 
We walked on, looked through Pottery Barn; Williams and Sonoma; and Kitchen and Kaboodle. We kept smelling this delicious Chinese food smell. There was a Korean BBQ place near by, but it smelled delicious! I wanted some so bad. 
Then we went to MOON STRUCK!! I forgot to take a picture of the sign. It's just a guy playing a flute. Since we were going to have a bunch of goodies later, I got one truffle and it was perfect. 
I believe it was the French silk chocolate truffle. Delectable. After I was done, we walked back to our car, and drove out of Northwest Portland. 
Tried to get some decent pictures of the lit up city, but didn't do a too good of job...
We then drove out to my Aunt Shawna and Uncle Rob's house for Christmas Eve. Once we got there, we made sandwiches and Isabelle was playing with her new toys she got from her other grandma. I told her I wanted to do a craft with her later. I was really looking forward to it! Before I knew it, we were opening presents. It was fun watching the little girls open their presents. Then I got my two presents. GAH, Stupid mailing system. ha. I was happy with my presents though. My Mally mascara and lavender essential oil balm from my aunt. My Miss Me jeans from my grandma and my sweaters that are probably in the basement of some post office, the box is beat up and probably freezing. They'll be here soon. They'll be here soon. 
After presents, we put on Elf to watch. That was fun. Isabelle and Raelyn were playing with their new gifts while the adults and I were watching Elf. Finally, after I had been asking, I got Isabelle to come out into the front room and do the craft with me. But she didn't do the craft. I completely understand though. She is 5, she has new toys to play with. New distractions. I completely understand. 
So I did the craft the next morning on Christmas day. 
After Elf, the majority of the adults went into the dining room to play Spades. I got some Martinellis Sparkling cider.
My mom and I stayed out in the front room and watched Christmas Vacation. EVEN THOUGH we had just watched Christmas Vacation the night before. Christmas Vacation never gets old. NEVER. 
During the movie, I was kind of bored, so I was taking silly selfies.
A little bit after Christmas Vacation ended, my family said the good byes, and we left to go home. I am pretty sure I stayed up until 1:00 AM. Ever since Christmas break started, I have stayed up until at least 1:00 AM and listened to music on Pandora. It is quite relaxing. 
Christmas Eve was a pretty fun night and day. 
Can't wait to get my sweaters! Will have to do Extended Christmas blog post for that. 


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